The Only Thing the GOP Base Cares About

I have probably said this a million times on this blog, but you have to understand the real motivation the right wing Republican base has for EVERYTHING. And when I say everything, I mean exactly that.

They hate liberals.

Does that seem to simplistic? Yeah, probably, but then, look at who we’re talking about. These are the dregs of American society. These are people who don’t give a shit about their fellow man unless they want something, and they truly believe that only white right wingers like them can get them something. They feel superior to everyone, despite the fact that they are inferior to pretty much everyone, if we’re being honest. When it comes to politics, they have a single, solitary motivation; to stick it to “liberals.”

Think about it. This is important to know because this is what is guiding almost everything Lord Donny says or does. Like I keep saying; he gets his talking points and his policy from the CALLERS to right wing talk radio. Yes, he does discuss things with Hannity daily, but the reality is, even Hannity gets his “beliefs” from his callers. And his callers only have one issue on their agenda; they hate liberals. Of course, it’s important to remember that right wingers are as bad as left wingers when it comes to purity, so they see everyone who doesn’t agree with them 100% of the time, except when it comes to elections. They will happily vote for any Republican in the general because they know their heroes have no power unless the RINOS keep the majority for them.

Yet, they’re the “dumb ones,” right?

Anyway, that’s a discussion for another day. And we will discuss it.

All you have to know is, the far right hates liberals. They don’t give a shit about most of the issues they constantly slam liberals on, they just like to piss us off. They don’t really care about abortion; they just like nothing more than to see us see us angry. And, as one can imagine, Republican politicians love nothing more than to make their base happy. They don’t care about deficits and debt, as is obvious by the constant explosion of the deficit and debt every time Republicans get control of any part of government. They don’t care about immigration, they just like to see us scream about it when they treat brown people badly. They don’t even care about Jesus and God; they only care about seeing us get pissed off every time they mention Jesus and God. I mean, what is it about the average Trump fan that makes you think they care about anything Jesus ever said in the New Testament? They only bring up their religion because they know we believe strongly in the separation of church and state. As for taxes, the GOP base hasn’t received much of a tax cut with their party in charge; they only care about tax cuts because they know it makes us crazy.

You see, nothing is more likely to make a Republican show up at the polls every election than knowing their vote will piss liberals off. They didn’t vote for Donald Trump because he’s their hero; they voted for him because we hate him so much and we’re very vocal about it. The professional left is obsessed with Trump and everything he says and does, and make no mistake; the right wing Republican base sees that and it strengthen their resolve.

This November is the most important election in our lifetime, primarily because we liberals didn’t do our job in 2016. (Or 2014, 2012 or 2010… and pretty much every election since 1980.) Our job is not to gain-say everything the right wing does; our job is to make sure good people (meaning non-GOP base-types) show up to vote in greater numbers. That means we have to do two things; first, we have to stop screaming about everything that is going on. No one is really listening, anyway (I’ll deal with that in my next column), and all it does it to galvanize the Republican base, which is the last thing we need. I know many liberals out there think Democrats have a lock on this election because things are so bad, but there’s never a lock. We will probably win back the House, but winning back the Senate will be tough, since only eight Republican seats are open, compared to 25 Democratic seats. And since the Senate confirms appointments and holds an impeachment trial, getting control of that is very easy.

There is little margin for error, and Democrats winning back Congress is extremely important. Nothing progressive can happen if the GOP wins or keeps anything. And energizing the Republican base works against us, so stop it. Being constantly pissed off works against us in many ways; not only does it depress turnout among good voters, but it also makes right wingers more determined to vote.

And we sure as hell don’t want that.

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