The Only Unicorn is a Frappuccino

I hate the fact that I have to address this AGAIN, but it is so frustrating, someone has to say it.

I have been active in politics – including party politics, since I was 14 and worked for McGovern’s failed campaign. In ALL of that time, I have been a Democrat. Early on, I did a little work for a couple of liberal Republicans, but the last one was in 1974. Hell; I haven’t been able to even bring myself to vote for a Republican in more than 30 years. That is BECAUSE I am a liberal. I am progressive and virtually everything the GOP has stood for over the past generation has been decidedly REgressive.

I have a serious problem with the people who keep telling me that the only way Democrats can win everything in 2018 and beyond is if we all “unite.” That’s true in a way, but the way they say it, they expect the 95 percent of progressives who are Democrats to do the bidding of the five percent of progressives who think they’re “too good” to be Democrats. Over the last few days, we’ve been faced with Bernie Sanders, a lifelong NON-Democrat, telling DEMOCRATS how to be better Democrats. He and his minions keep telling me, a Democrat for my entire life, how to make sure we win from now on.

Really? WTF are these people talking about? Democrats have always been unified. The problem has never been a split among Democrats, it’s been a split by a certain strain of so-called “progressives” FROM the Democratic Party and a demand by them that everyone in the Democratic Party change everything in order to mollify them.

I want the Bernie Stans to think about this very carefully. I mean VERY carefully. Don’t just react to it, THINK about it.

There are TWO viable political parties in this country. TWO. I know you know this because you spend every waking hour whining about it. Not a day goes by in my life that someone from the unicorn left doesn’t whine about the fact that “both parties” have left “the people” behind in some way. It’s bullshit, but it demonstrates that they know we only have two parties to choose from.

So, why is it that virtually all of their rhetoric sounds as if they don’t realize that there are two choices in virtually every election. Listen to them continue to whine about Hillary! What the hell is that based on? The only two viable candidates in the presidential race were Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The only way it would make even a little sense to whine about Hillary Clinton would be if there were other candidates available who had a chance to win.


Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton.

Those were the choices. Why do so many Bernie Stans seem to think they had the luxury of vetting Hillary for her “progressive worthiness”?? No matter what negatives you claim Hillary had (and if I’m being honest, most of the negatives I hear are completely made up bullshit), you had two candidates available and, in every single case, Donald Trump was and is far worse. Just in the last couple of days, some “progressive” asshole told me that Hillary Clinton was “against universal healthcare.” And no matter how hard I laughed at them, the more they insisted they were right.

it turned out she was against the concept of replacing the ACA with single-payer. Here’s a hint to all of you Bernie Stans; single-payer and universal healthcare are NOT SYNONYMOUS. In fact, do you know how the WHO had us rated #37 in the world in healthcare outcomes about a decade ago? Well, all 36 countries that were ahead of us have universal healthcare systems and only TWO have single-payer systems. All of the top universal healthcare systems in the world are actually public-private hybrids, much like the system that was meant to be created by the original ACA.

Given her actual record, no one could possibly claim that Hillary Clinton was against universal healthcare and keep a straight face doing so. And I’m sorry, but we get enough lying bullshit from the right. When our side adds to it, that is the problem we face. That is the reason Democrats keep losing elections.

We keep losing because voter turnout has largely sucked for a generation. And the left is at least as culpable for driving it down as the GOP, and since depressing turnout is a major strategy of the Republican Party, why would anyone on the left be proud of that. I mean, when both sides of the debate are telling voters that Hillary Clinton is a “weak candidate” and as dishonest and corrupt as Trump, why would you even think you were encouraging people to vote.

Every time I write a column in which I point out that the unicorn left is actually the worst enemy we face, I am bombarded with unicorn lefties who essentially prove me right. About 95 percent of progressives ARE members of the Democratic Party. Therefore, when you belong to a contingent of “progressives” who are demanding that “the Democrats” change to attract them, you might want to simply go tilt at a windmill or go drink a Unicorn Frappucino, because five percent of a group demanding that the other 95 percent do their bidding is equally as insane.

One more time, the choice was Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. And you fucked Hillary, you idiots. And you gave the election to Hillary Clinton. And no, it wasn’t the Russians. You know how you found out about the Russians? Hillary told you about it during one of the debates. Fully SEVENTEEN intelligence agencies (who rarely agree on anything) TOLD you the Russians were planning to install Trump into the White House. And yet, you talked about Hillary Clinton as if there was nothing at stake. WTF? How stupid are you Bernie Stans.

Let me clue you in on a few things…

A political party is the ultimate democratic institution. Every person who serves with the Democratic Party is placed there by the people inside the Democratic Party. The people who ARE Democrats decide everything up and down the line. If you really want to change the culture of the Democrats, you have to do it from the inside. If you think “activism” means standing outside of the Democratic Party and shouting at it to change, you’re a fucking idiot.

Moreover, if you think screaming at the Democratic Party or voting for Jill Stein “sends a message,” then you’re an idiot. Please explain to us what message you sent when you helped elect Donald Trump last year. Then, you can explain what “message” you sent in 2014 and 2010, when you idiots trashed the hell out of Obama and Democrats both times and gave Congress its largest Republican majority since just before the 1929 Crash.

Here’s another; your “critique” of the quality of a Democrat’s campaign is also not “activism.” Voters don’t cast votes for the campaign, they vote for candidates. Again, Trump vs. Clinton; why would you think there was a choice?

It’s been nearly a half century since the last time far left progressives actually had a political voice and it is not because someone is screwing with us. We screw ourselves just fine.

In virtually every election, there is a choice between a Democrat and a Republican. EVERY ELECTION, with a few exceptions that prove that rule. And if you look at the last century, every good thing that’s happened to this country has come courtesy of Democrats and Republicans consistently undermine that and screw their states, as well. That is our choice, period. If you want to create a third choice, then do it. But for chrissakes, people; we’ve been floundering for 50 years and there’s no viable third party yet, so live in the real world and vote Democratic.

You have no choice.