The Opposition to Health Reform is F-ing CRAZY!

These people — the ones who are against health insurance reform — are  f-ing CRAZY! How crazy, do you ask? I'm sure you heard about the loon woman, who screamed "Heil Hitler" at a Jewish man who was being interviewed by a local Las Vegas TV station. But have you seen the entire exchange? Check this out…

Now, here's the same woman before she decided to lash out at the guy. Watch this, and we'll talk…

These are crazy, evil, and extremely stupid people, folks. Here's a woman whose husband doesn't have health insurance, despite the fact that he lives with her and has to put up with her every day and he has three jobs. That would indicate that he's always a day away from a heart attack, and without health insurance, the two of them could be facing tens of thousands of dollars in bills that they won't be able to pay, unless she's actually a severely under-dressed millionaire, which isn't likely if hubby's working three jobs.

She's not a conservative, and neither are her friends. Real conservatives would never be in favor of continuing to toss tax money down a rat hole. As for her "biblical values" claim, well, I'm going to bet she can't open that dusty unopened Bible that she's using to even up the legs on the kitchen table, and point us to a passage that would deny people access to health care because they aren't rich enough.

She's also wrong about health care not being a right. Medical professionals are ethically required to treat the sick and injured, and as a human — especially one who claims to hold to "biblical values" — we are morally obligated to help someone who's in dire need of medical care. See, she's already paying for immigrants' health care, because she has health insurance. In fact, she'll actually end up paying the bill for her husband's health care, should he actually become sick or injured and they're unable to pay. As for her abortion rant, it is currently against the law to use tax money to pay for abortions, so it's a non sequitur, anyway. But what bothers me about these people is this constant talk about "MY tax money." It's not your tax money. You pay your taxes, and the government does what WE tell it to with that money. Besides, if her husband has to work three jobs and she works at least one, just to make ends meet, and they can't afford health insurance for just him, I'm guessing she doesn't pay enough in taxes to pay for all of those potential abortions, anyway…

And what can you say about a group of people who equate public service to "communism," besides moronic. These are not patriots, folks; they're morons, who put whatever their ideology is ahead of the good of their country, and who represent the selfish wing of the Republican Party. Why the GOP doesn't encourage people like this to start their own party, I have no idea. But this is who's representing the Republican Party these days. You should be so proud.

And one last note; she's showing off her Israel Defense Forces t-shirt to the Israeli ex-patriot, but no apology for yelling "Heil Hitler" to him. She's not pro-Israeli, or pro-Jew, folks; she's pro-Armageddon.

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