The Progressive Eeyores Have to Go

The ability of human beings to rationalize everything in a way that places the blame elsewhere cannot be overestimated and is remarkable to behold. Following the 2000, 2004, 2010 and 2014 elections, The ability of unicorn progressives to excuse themselves from all blame was truly a wonder to behold. Likewise, since 2016, and the debacle that left us with an unqualified creep (in every sense of the word) sitting in the White House, the Bernie Stans are nothing short of creepy in their abilities to blame everyone else BUT themselves for the result of the election. You’ve heard it all;

  • Hillary ran a bad campaign;
  • Bernie would have won because he has magic pixie dust that could have counteracted any level of GOP cheating;
  • The Democratic Party cheated and let the worst candidate ever win the nomination;
  • Hillary didn’t sufficiently kiss the asses of the professional left.

That’s just a small sampling. I’ve heard a lot more than that. In a race tht was decided by roughly 88,000 votes in three key states, unicorn progressives refuse to accept any responsibility for the result of the election. This, despite the fact that any number of factors were at play and a swing of less than one percent in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan would have brought the opposite result.

Yeah, that’s some serious denial there.

Once again, as we have been doing too often since 1968, the wrong man won the presidency and the wrong political party won too much nfluence in government at all levels because of low turnout. And one of the key contributors to low turnout is the constant refrain coming from professional lefties, that there is really little to no difference between the two major parties so it doesn’t matter which one you vote for. Once again, we lost because the Eeyores of the progressive “movement” (why is this still called a “movement,” given that it’s been stalled for more than a generation?) were out in full force, trashing Democrats at the same time they were advising Democrats as to the best ways to “win.” Once again, the irony is rich; Why is a movement that doesn’t move and never wins telling a political party that is moving forward and wins nearly half the time the best ways to win? These same people actually  held meetings, where they tried to con the DNC into getting rid of all superdelegates and to adopt a primary system with MORE caucuses, which are damn near the polar opposite of democracy, as a way to make sure democracy thrives within the Party.

Here is something these unicorn progressives don’t seem to realize. Democrats can win without them. Whereas Republicans and their right-wing base have an unspoken agreement to literally vote for anyone listed as a Republican on the ballot, unicorn progressives have no such compunction. And that’s okay. The only thing we actually ask is that they stop their Eeyore shit about Democrats and stop making voters want to stay home because they believe it doesn’t matter who they vote for. We don’t need their fucking votes; we just need them to shut the fuck up about Democrats being so horrible.

Right wingers support the GOP despite the fact that they very rarely get anything they want. To them, the prospect of stopping “the liberals” from “ruining America” is motivation enough to get them to show up and vote in every election. Republican turnout in elections is so high, it is virtually impossible for a Republicans to get a majority without at least 80% of the Republican vote. Impossible. Most of the time, Republican candidates get somewhere around 90% of the Republican vote. Even though they are a significant minority among the electorate, when 90% of any group shows up to vote, they build themselves an advantage. That said, their advantage is anything but insurmountable. They make up 24% of the electorate, which means 90% of Republicans constitutes approximately 22% of registered voters.

That means, if we could get overall turnout above 50% for every election, including mid-terms, Republicans would have a hard time winning a majority anywhere. That would actually do two things. It would keep sane Democrats in charge, and it would force the GOP to reconstitute, which means many of what the unicorn progressives deride as “conservative Democrats” would move back to their natural home in the GOP.  Put simply, it is these same “political geniuses” who are getting in their own way. They claim they want a fucking “revolution,” but everything they actually do prevents a revolution of any kind from happening.

The key to every election lies in turnout. High turnout is why Democrats won huge most of the time between 1932 through 1968.  During that time, Democrats dominated elections and ran the government. Democrats usually had a supermajority, and Republicans had a fairly substantial liberal contingent, including many African-Americans.

That is why the number one strategy for Republicans is to drive down turnout. Think about it; why do you think they don’t talk about issues? They don’t actually sell themselves at all. When turnout in presidential years was around 60% and midterm turnout was around 50%, Republicans had little chance of a majority. Hell; even now, there is no possibility of them getting more than 55-56 in the Senate and perhaps 270-280 in the House, even wth gerrymandering. The demographics of the country have changed, and it doesnt favor the GOP. If we’re willing to wait another 20 years, there is a possibility that things will get so bad for the GOP that even 90% turnout won’t be enough. Of course, we can’t wait another 20 years.

Republicans win because they’re able to discourage people from voting. That is why they’re always negative. Constant negativity gets people to not vote. That means every time they go negative and our side fights it by restating their position, it helps them. And it sure as shit helps the right wing when they are putting down Democrats and our side is reinforcing that. Just yesterday, a dear friend of mine called out the DCCC for its alleged “incompetence,” suggesting that the “blue wave” that should happen this year is less likely because the DCCC is incompetent. Why do the Eeyores not realize that the average voter doesn’t even know who the hell the DCCC is, but when people they respect calls the organization incompetent or corrupt, they are made to wonder if their vote will be for a competent or good person. This is why people often don’t show up.

In 2016, Democrats ran the best, most qualified candidate in their history in Hillary Clinton. Not only was she the most admired woman on the planet every year for decades, but her list of accomplishments is longer than most of the white liberals (mostly men) who were criticizing her and labeling her negatively. I don’t understand this attitude where one has to put down the opposing candidate in the primary in order to support your candidate. In a Democratic primary, everyone is on the same side. Hillary Clinton was not Bernie Sanders’ enemy; they were on the same side and they were asking us to decide which he should lead us into the General Election battle.

I have had it with the Eeyores, and you should be done with them, as well. We’re PROGRESSIVE, dammit! We’re supposed to be the good guys. We’re the ones who have hope for the future. We’re supposed to be the ones who have the answers, but the Eeyores make us sound too much ike the right wing. You can scoff at the right wing’s “end of the world” pretext, but I have to tell you; many on the Bernie left are just as bad. Really, in 2016, there was barely a hair’s worth of distance between the Sanders and Trump dystopian vision. And that is because the unicorn left thinks the only way to get people to vote for us is to make them think NOT voting for us would be a disaster. Unfortunately, their “strategy” left us with an actual disaster – a complete incompetent narcissist who think the world is about to end. It’s not. The democracy is as healthy as it ever was; if there’s a problem, it’s with those folks who are expecting a magical transformation into a utopia, and who seem unwilling to even consider using the electoral process to change things.

Stop the bitching, and start playing politics the way it’s supposed to be played. We have TWO viable parties, and there will never be more than that, because of basic math. Democrats are our only hope. Stop acting like they’re poison.

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The Progressive Eeyores Have to Go — 2 Comments

  1. Regarding the standing barrage of excuses from the Emoprogs, the weirdest has got to be the fanatical defense of Putin and the Russian Foreign Intelligence services and the whole network of fascist oligarchs.

    How in the name of all that is holy can this be the sincere position staked out by a man of the Left?

    I say that these individuals can be factored into on of two bins: either disruptor trolls playing a very long game, or useless tools of appalling stupidity.

  2. Milt, thank you so much for this. And also, remember that many of the Eeyores are ignoring the gains made by Democrats in 2017 and now into 2018. I’m all for a pragmatic view of politics, but yep, I’m sick to death of the Eeyores–especially how they helped to bring this about.

    Just recently I saw a tweet by David Hogg, one of the Parkland teens. He made the case for people to get out and vote in order to remove politicians who no longer work for the people. He emphasized registering to vote. So, why does David Hogg get it–but Michael Moore does not? Not too long ago, Moore stated that not voting was “an act of civil disobedience”. Good God. And then you’ll see tweets or remarks from people howling about how “both parties suck, so I’m not voting anymore!!”. Like this helps.

    That David Hogg, a teenager, gets it, gives me hope for the future. I’m done trying to reason with folks like Moore; they’ve proven that they do not give a damn.