The Real “Chronic Liar” in This Year’s Race

I love how the people who are planning to vote for Trump and every Republican on their ballot are so keen on telling me what a big liar Hillary Clinton is. One of them told me that she hasn’t just lied, but that she’s a “chronic liar,” which is actually pretty defamatory. It’s especially defamatory when he claims “it’s documented.” Now, I’m not sure what Trumpistas consider to be “documented,” but I can assure you that the bar is a lot higher than just, “Everyone at Fox News says she is.” The fact of the matter is, somewhere around one billion dollars has been spent by various organizations to investigate every aspect of the Clintons’ lives for more than a quarter-century, and if they had any proof that she had lied as often as they suggest, believe me, she would not be free to run for president.

In fact, given the amount of scrutiny the Clintons have received for decades, a case could be made that this is the cleanest political couple in history. The Clinton Foundation, for example, is actually more transparent than any foundation in history, including the Carter Center, which has been the gold standard of ex-presidents’ foundations for years. Even none other than Ken Starr has said so. (Source) The reason you think you know about “pay-to-play,” dear Trumpettes, is because every contribution and its source is readily available for all to see. The problem is, there is no evidence of a quid pro quo, because there has never been a “quo.” it’s right there, folks, if you’d bother to look.

Not that there is anything wrong with using “chronic liar” as a standard for deciding not to vote for someone. Of course it’s okay. All I ask is that you be consistent. If you are trying to rationalize voting for Trump because “Hillary is a chronic liar,” then don’t look now, but you have disqualified yourself from voting for Trump. More than that, you have disqualified yourself from voting for almost any Republican. I mean, they came into office promising to create jobs, and they have created none. They promised to fix everything wrong with government, but they have done nothing more than set records for futility, passing an ever-shrinking body of laws. If it wasn’t for bills naming post offices and other government buildings, they would have nothing to show for their six-year reign of error. Really, except for keeping their promises to the NRA and Grover Norquist, what the hell have they done in six years?

But I digress. Let’s talk about Trump a little. If your stated reason for not voting for Hillary is that she’s a “chronic liar,” and you’re casting a vote for Donald Trump, you are the ultimate hypocrite. Think back or read about history. Has there ever been a bigger liar among those who have run for president than Donald Trump? I study history and politics and I really can’t think of one. And it’s all well-documented. In fact, it’s do documented, I could publish a 500-page book with just the lies since the Convention. First of all, look at Politifact. According to their tally, 70% of Trump’s statements are proven “mostly false,” “false” or “pants on fire.” Only four percent of his statements have been ruled “true.” (source) On the other hand, 74% of Clinton statements are rated “Half True,” “mostly true” or “True.” (Source) Therefore, if Hillary is a “chronic liar,” what the hell do you call Trump? If you are claiming you can’t vote for Hillary because she’s a liar, then you really can’t vote for Donald Trump. Here are some other examples:

  • He calls himself a “successful businessman,” but really, he has more business failures than successes. I suppose it’s not a huge lie, since there is no objective definition of “successful businessman, but come on. These days, his primary business is licensing his name, often to developers who slap his name on their properties, soak people into putting a down payment on a condo or offices and then not building them. He has been to bankruptcy six times. In 1995, he claimed a loss of $916 million and probably carried that over for many years, so that he wouldn’t have to pay taxes.
  • There is no way he’s worth $10-11 billion, as he says. He doesn’t own very much property, and his licensing business isn’t worth anywhere near $1 billion, let alone that much. He seems to think he’s smart for not paying taxes, but the most he could have made without paying taxes from 1995-2013 is $50 million. That would come to less than $1 billion. The few properties he still owns aren’t worth much more than a half billion. According to a recent article in Forbes, they placed his net worth at between $800 million and $3.7 billion, but the latter number was probably an over-estimate. (Source) Of course, if he had released as many tax returns as Hilary has, we would be able to prove or disprove this.
  • During the first debate, and at almost every appearance before a campaign crowd, Trump says the following: “Our jobs are fleeing the country. They’re going to Mexico they’re going to many other countries.” By what measure are jobs “fleeing the country”? How the hell did we go from the 10% unemployment left for us by the Bush Recession to the 5% now, if jobs are fleeing? What he’s describing happened in the 1980s. By the way, he also blames NAFTA much of the time, and blames Bill Clinton for that. However, a study was done in 2014 that showed a grand total of 700,000 in lost jobs over 20 years. (Source)
  • He claims he started his business with a $1 million loan in 1975, In the first debate, he said, “…my father gave me a very small loan in 1975 and I built into a company that’s worth many many billions of dollars with some of the greatest assets in the world and I say that only because that’s the kind of thinking that our country needs.” That’s a lie. The $1 million he received from his father severely lowballs the actual amount of help he received and it discounts completely the value of the company he took over from his father, as well. For example, 10 years after that, on a casino license application, he stated that he owed his father $14 million, which is a lot more than $1 million, even years later. When his casinos were failing, his father also made what may have been an “illegal loan,” buying $3.5 million in chips so that his little boy could pay the mortgage. (Source)
  • He consistently denies that he’s referred to climate change as a hoax. He has, often. (Source)
  • During the first debate, he said, “Now look, we have the worst revival of an economy since the Great Depression.” The 1982 Reagan recession was actually deeper than the Bush recession. In terms of jobs, the Reagan Recession didn’t start until he was in office. Unemployment peaked at well over 10% and never went below 5.2% for the rest of his term. Obama inherited a crashing economy, the recession was over within the first year and unempoyment has been at or below 5% for more than a year.
  • If you’re talking about GDP, we’ve recovered virtually all of the GDP we lost when the economy crashed. Also, when Trump says GDP growth has been one percent for years, that is also a lie. (Source) Has the average growth rate been below the Bush years? Sure. However, might I remind you that the Bush recession happened after an unprecedented bubble wiped out roughly $17 trillion in wealth from the country. That’s a little more than one year’s GDP. Of course, that doesn’t show up in the GDP figures because that money was in your stocks, bonds and 401(k)s and it wasn’t actual money.
  • During the second debate, Trump claimed, “…your health insurance and health care is going up by numbers that are astronomical 68 percent, 59 percent, 71 percent.” That is complete crap. Yes, SOME policies on the exchange will be going up 25% this year, but that only represents about 7% of all health insurance policies. Also, because of the subsidies, most people who rely on the exchanges won’t see much of an increase, either; probably about 3-5%, when all is said and done. I would also point out that, until this year, insurance has gone up an average of about 4% per year, which is about one-third the average increase over the previous 20 years.
  • Trump has also lied about Hillary many times, like during the second debate, when he said, “Four (victims of Bill and Hillary Clinton) are here tonight. One of the women, who was a wonderful woman, 12 years old, was raped — at twelve. Her client — she represented, got him off. And she’s seen laughing on two separate occasions, laughing at the girl who was raped.” There is nothing about that story that isn’t a lie. The rapist did not “get off scot-free.” The prosecutor was forced to plea bargain with the rapist because they mishandled the evidence. Also, the woman who claims all of this has switched stories numerous times. She told reporters in 2008 that she realized “Hillary was just doing her job.” it wasn’t until 2014 that she changed her story and claimed that Hillary Clinton “took her through hell.”
  • Trump also blames Hillary for starting the birther business. This, despite the fact that Obama produced a birth certificate even before she entered the race and there is no instance of anyone questioning his birth until the Tea Party grabbed hold of it. It also doesn’t explain how he kept it going well beyond his second production of a birth certificate.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Remember when Trump said repeatedly that he would be self-funding his campaign? Not only was that not true, but we’re starting to get an idea of what he’s spending his donors’ money for. (Source) Not only that, but look at what his PAC is raising funds from. (Source) The man’s a far bigger “crook” than even the fiction that has surrounded Hillary for years.

Look, if you want to make lying to the people the hill you choose to die on in this election, fine. But don’t be a hypocrite. If honesty is your goal, then you really cannot support Donald Trump. Hillary and Bill Clinton have been attacked from the right for nearly three decades and they have come out unscathed. If you claim she’s a “chronic liar,” then you have been duped, my friends.

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