The Real (Snow)Flakes

I dunno about you, but I’m tired of being called a “delicate snowflake.” It was perhaps amusing at first, but now it’s just ironic. I mean, the people referring to liberals as “delicate snowflakes” have as a hero someone who cannot take even the smallest slight without lashing out at the “slighter” on Twitter. I mean, surely you’ve seen Donny’s whines about the extremely talented and patriotic actress Meryl Streep from this morning. It wasn’t just one Tweet. He also defended himself from mocking a disabled person at the same time he justified it.

You have to read these from the bottom up…

Yes, that’s right. He, a well-known hack who sits near the bottom of his profession, has called Meryl Streep, who sits at the top of hers, “over-rated,” which is illiterate and clueless. Also, Donny,  a somewhat able-bodied adult in his 70s defended his mockery of someone who was born with a disability.

What a tender snowflake, right? How can anyone in their right mind take seriously someone who claims he’s a leader, but who can’t take even the slightest criticism? Can you imagine if Barack Obama had whined about people picking on him during the 2009 transition? And let’s be real; a lot of his opposition was referring to him in terms much harsher than anyone is referring to Trump. And let’s face it; Obama was born in the United States, he wasn’t a full on Marxist or a communist and he never had a plan to take everyone’s guns. On the other hand, Donny Trump is a proven liar, he’s a proven crook, he’s a proven bully, he’s a proven racist, he’s a proven misogynist and he has proven himself to be someone who can’t be trusted with the reins of power.

And I have to say this; neither he nor the vast majority of his supporters are in any way “patriots.” These are people who are happily accepting a Pyrrhic victory, at best because the Russians, even if they didn’t directly hack the election, they certainly helped destroy Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. And I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t give a shit if the foreign country was Israel or Canada; if a foreign government interferes without our electoral process in any way, any true and actual patriot should be pissed off as hell.

The key to our system of government is the electoral system. It is how we put people in the government who will do what is best for us and how we, the people demonstrate our will. The Founders created an enduring structure of democracy that repressed people around the world look to as a guide. Put it this way; we’ve managed to survive almost 40 years of too much Republican power, so it must be pretty good.

We have a serious patriotism deficit in this country right now and it is up to us liberals to pick up the slack. And yes, unicorn progressives, that means we need you to take off your tin foil hats and join us in upholding the principles this country was founded upon. I know it won’t be easy; just this morning, i saw a couple of pro lefties bitching about “Blue Dogs,” who are currently a distinct minority in a minority party, which means there is nothing to bitch about. Also, since it won’t be possible to replace all of the “Freedom Caucus” morons with full-on far left liberals, they will have to shut the hell up about them for a while, anyway, so that the progressives in government can be part of a majority for a while and perhaps do something worthwhile.

That’s just how it is, folks. If you don’t like the “two-party system” and long for a “third party,” well, you’ve had plenty of time to build one. yet, you haven’t even tried. Instead, you keep on helping Republicans win, despite the fact that everything they stand for is the opposite of what this country stands for.

Back to snowflakes.

Is there a greater delicate snowflake, really, than an upper class right wingnut? I grew up working class, in a working class neighborhood where everyone who ever represented us was a Democrat. Some of those people and their descendants still have me write position papers and speeches and the like for them. There is nothing “delicate” about me at all. On the other hand, what can you say about the GOP, most of whom alternately complain about taxes, even when they make a hell of a lot more than the average worker and pay far less in taxes? Talk about denial, I remember having a conversation with a Republican lawyer not long ago who did nothing but complain about their taxes since Obama became president. So, just for shits and giggles, I showed them my tax return from the previous quarter. This lawyer easily made six times as much as me and, as a percentage, paid less than one-third as much as I did.

Unfortunately, that is typical of the Republican snowflake mindset. They constantly complain about deficits and debt, but they also complain mightily if anyone raises their taxes by a nickel. These delicate snowflakes have something bordering on contempt for the poor. In fact, when they get “free money” in the form of a tax cut they didn’t earn or a contract they do nothing special for, that’s perfectly fine, but if a poor family gets $500 in welfare payments, they refer to them as “freeloaders,” if they’re being kind.

By the way, have you seen the latest concurrent resolution from the current House GOP, in which they prove, once and for all that they do not care about deficits or debt? Here is the resolution. Go to page 5 and keep reading and check out the projected deficits and debt just by repealing the Affordable Care Act. These snowflakes keep whining about the “debt” that Obama supposedly added, even though Congress spends money and can offer up an alternative budget), when their plan is to add even more debt over the next decade. Hell; the first year alone, they plan to add almost one-third to the deficit. By  2026, they project the deficit will top $1 trillion. And the debt under Republicans is projected to be more than $29 trillion by then.

Seriously, folks, rich Republicans whine more in a week than regular working people do in their lives. They work hard, try their best to pay their rent or their mortgage, to keep electricity running into their homes, to keep their car payment up to date, and to keep the cable bill paid. It wasn’t the working class who caused the mortgage meltdown, unless you believe that mortgage fraud was the fault of the victims.

We are concerned because our democracy, which is the one thing that makes us special in the world, has been compromised. There is a very real possibility that Donny Trump is a Russian intelligence asset and that he had a role, however unwittingly, in the compromise of our electoral system. And frankly, even if he had won completely legitimately, what one half of our “two-party system” stand for is completely abhorrent. It’s time all liberals got together and focused on that problem.

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