The Sound of Democracy is Sometimes Screechy

You know what?

No one ever said that democracy was pretty.

In fact, it’s the opposite of pretty, as we’re seeing lately.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about a movement that began in the post-war era, as grown since and has accelerated with the advancement of technology and the Internet, in which every living human, it seems, has an opinion. You think Twitter is new? You think Facebook is a demanding, will-sapping exercise in time-wasting 101? Well, guess what? They’re not new and they are the result of the increased democratization of the human race. It’s not the end result that’s ugly, it’s the transition that is.

TrumpholeI never talk about Donald Drumpf on this blog because I intend for this thing to be civilized, but just for the hell of it, let’s talk about this phenomenon for a second. Do you really think that the Drumpf thing is brand new and a frightening development in our democracy? Where have you been? These people were around when I was a kid. The only difference between the 1960s and the 2010s is that these people were on the fringes in the 1960s. Technology, or the lack of same, kept them there. And in a way it was a good thing. However, they were still there. Do you really think “white supremacy” and “other-ism” is unique to 2016? Folks, go Google “Jim Crow.” Read about what many northern cities did to Italians and the Irish back in the days when white people were too busy conquering “Indians” to give a shit about Mexicans.

Donald Drumpf’s base is what I call the “Fuck You Caucus.” It’s a small group of Americans who aren’t pissed off at anything in particular; they’re just pissed off. I once had a relative like this. When I was growing up in the 1960s and my age was still in single digits, I had an uncle who could easily be goaded into complaining about “them people’ and he would cite them (while Black people were his favorites, he once spent hours bitching about “the Italians,” despite that fact that he himself was of Italian origin) as “the reason” we weren’t a utopia. He couldn’t get a job because “them (n-words) took all the jobs” and in the next breath claim “they are the laziest people on the entire planet.” You’re right. It doesn’t makes sense; I mean, how can “they” take and do all of the jobs and also be “laziest people” in the world? If you’re attempting to ascribe rationality to these idiots, well, good luck. But we are in the middle of the democratization of society, which means the “Fuck You Caucus” has the same megaphone as we do. They can create an account on Twitter and Facebook instantaneously and promote their opinions, the same as we can. In some cases, they an create numerous accounts and use them all to pummel others with their rhetorical dung.

Cynicism 2What every rational person has to understand is something I have been saying on this blog for a really wrong time; what makes extremists happy is pissing off their ideological opposites. The Right Wing is never happier than when someone they like pisses off liberals. They don’t care about issues, they care about winning and beating back liberals. If you look closely at the Republican Party, they don’t actually do anything, really. I mean, they try to undo some of the reforms liberals put in place back in the day, but by and large, they don’t thrive on that; they thrive on being outrageous. The reason they say such stupid shit isn’t because their stupid shit attracts voters; it’s because they know we will react to it, and it is our reaction that gives right wingers wood. Donald Drumpf has not taken an actual position on anything, except for building a wall. But everything he says pisses off “the liberals,” including those inside the GOP who they think are “too liberal.”

This is real democracy in action, folks. This is every person having their say and more people having their voices heard. Yes, we have to listen to a lot of crap; there is no doubt about that. But the good news is, we also have a voice and get be heard, as well. We just have to formulate an actual opinion and spread it far and wide. Stop reacting to the “Fuck You Caucus.” They are a small-ish group; even Drumpf isn’t close to getting a majority of the GOP vote. The Tea Party makes up about one-third of the GOP Caucus in the House and even less in the Senate. That means we let them worry about this problem. Instead, support Hillary or Bernie and the Democratic Party in general and stop amplifying their voices.

Just because they’re loud doesn’t mean we are to listen to them, and we sure as hell don’t have to repeat any of that crap. What you’re seeing right now is the end of centralized leadership in this country (and the world, for that matter) and the dawn of a new age, in which everyone has a say in how things are done. The old guard is having to dragged kicking and screaming into the new era, and it’s the kicking and screaming you are seeing. Ignore the cacophony of crap. Find out the truth and express it. Don’t just repeat something you heard and like.

Be different. Different is how the world gets changed.

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