The State of the Union Will Be Pathetic

Of all people to be giving a speech about the State of the Union, Donald J. Trump is the last person who is qualified. He has no idea about the state of this union. Think about it; if you were looking for someone to advise us on the current state of the country, Donald Trump would quite literally be the last person any of us would ask.

Look at his Twitter feed for a clue. According to him, we are now living in a country with the best economy of all time. Ironically, this is the same economy he derided as a shit show just two years ago. Seriously, he and Bernie Sanders portrayed the US economy as being in its death throes, and each one swore they were the only ones capable of fixing it. Donny “won” the election and he has done nothing positive for the economy, but you would think his mere appearance in the White House had transformed the economic hellscape into the greatest economy in the history of the world.

Of course, those of us who actually have to buy shit know things are not getting better, and there are signs the economy is about to head into recession, but Trump hasn’t the slightest idea.

Consider his position on immigration, which has no resemblance whatsoever to reality. From Trump’s perspective, the state of our immigration system is all about an “invasion” of refugee women and children, who are apparently bringing in drugs and terrorists. In Trump World, we are being overrun by rapists, murderers and dangerous gang members and if it wasn’t for them, our country will be a veritable paradise.

Worse, Trump believes the only possible solution to the “border crisis he claims exists is a magical wall that will act as a barrier to prevent all illegal immigration when it is completed long before he leaves office.

More than anything else, however, how can we even consider trusting a Donald Trump version of the State of the Union? Donny lies hourly and he isn’t even good at it. For example, he shut down the government for 35 long days over border wall funding, but during the shutdown, he was assuring his cultish faithful that he was already building the wall.

The state of our foreign policy is quite possibly the worst it’s ever been. Our allies no longer trust us, although to their credit, they’re patiently waiting for us to get past this asshole. Unfortunately, he has abandoned every agreement and treaty the government has agreed to in the last 40 years and promised to replace them, although the results so far have not been promising. He canceled the TPP and NAFTA and replaced them with the USMCA, which is essentially everything that existed before. I suppose we should be grateful for that; he’s dumb enough tom have done a lot worse.

His dismissal of the work of the intelligence community has been nothing short of dreadful. His ignorance of how foreign relations works has been exacerbated because of his narcissism, rather than mitigated by a wealth of information, precisely because he knows more than everyone about everything. In fact, he knows so much, he has been an unwitting pawn to authoritarians all over the world, especially Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un. Kim had him sign an agreement in which he promised to be a good boy and stay away from nuclear weapons, and since then, he has been like a goddamn stalker, sending Donny flowers, cards and chocolates, and quite possibly gift cards to McDonald’s. They have both expressed their undying love for each other, even as Kim continues to research nukes and has actually expanded his arsenal.

Likewise, while we don’t know what Putin has on Donny, it’s certain he has something because he has Trump wrapped around his little finger, Just last week, Donny backed out of the nuclear reduction treaty that St. Reagan, the former patron saint of right wing Republicans, forged along with Mikhail Gorbachev back in the 1980s.

The state of our union includes a complete erosion of our standing in the world and our newly-earned status as a world laughingstock, but Donny won’t tell us that.

How can anyone speak on the state of our union, when he can’t speak without lying, and has no clue about what’s going on inside the country or around the world, including in “Nipple” (Nepal) and “Button” (Bhutan)? We have a “president” with the attention span of a typical second-grader and the sensibility of a middle-school bully. The purpose of the SOTU is to advise us on where we stand, but if it’s coming from someone without a clue, how is that helpful?

We can’t even count on hearing policy announcements, since the current regime is filled with incompetents who have no idea what governing is about. And really, in two years, except for a Muslim ban and a border wall, when have you ever seen an actual policy come out of this White House?

I am already perusing Netflix for something to watch instead of Trump’s campaign speech tonight because he can’t teach me anything useful. And frankly, that has to be impeachable.

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