The Toddler in Chief

As many already know, I am attempting to document everything that Lord Donny does or causes to be done from his high perch at the top of the Executive Branch of the federal government. It’s really hard to keep up. I still have a lot of stuff to add from his first week in office, and I have to take an hour or so out of every morning to document everything from the previous day. However, while he’s doing a lot of stupid shit, there is a thread that runs through all of it. I said it often during the campaign, I said it numerous times during the “transition” and it continues to be true.

Donald Trump has no concept of what the president is. To him, the president is the “Boss of America.” He thinks he’s in charge of everything and that everything he decrees must be done. His view of the presidency is not unlike that of a toddler who likes to consume books about kings and princes.

If you think that’s an exaggeration, consider an article from today’s edition of the UK Independent. (Source) Apparently, the way White House minions got Donny to go along with the raid he botched so badly in his first week in office (and for which he has never taken responsibility for) because they told him Obama wouldn’t do it.  Read this carefully:

Mr Obama had reportedly been told about the plan to kill al Rimi, who took over control of the Yemeni affiliate of the terror organisation in 2015, but held off approving it because his advisors had wanted to wait until a moonless night which would not have happened again till after he left office, the New York Times reported.

But Defence Secretary, General James “Mad Dog” Mattis, and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph Dunford, reportedly convinced Mr Trump to go ahead with the raid by suggesting Mr Obama would never have been so bold as to actually go through with it.

They suggested that the death of al Rimi would be a “game changer” in the fight against al-Qaeda, according to a senior White House official.

Lord Donny wants to be seen as “strong,” but as has been clear since he started running, his working definition of “strength” is straight out of elementary school, where being strong means talking a great game and beating up enough of the little kids to make everyone afraid of you. He also won’t take advice from anyone because to him, that’s a sign of “weakness.” That’s one of the reasons he was so bad at campaigning and why his business record is so spotty. His self-esteem is so low that he can’t even consider hiring people who are smarter than he, which is why he has so many morons in his Cabinet. He surrounds himself with idiots because he’s not all that bright himself, but his ego won’t allow himself to be the dumbest guy in the room.

It’s kind of remarkable that the same electorate that elected Barack Obama, who was so self-aware that he could surround himself with the smartest people in the world and feel as if his stature was enhanced by doing so, also elected Donald Trump, who has zero self-esteem and only feels adequate when he tears down everyone else. This is what toddlers do, and what middle schoolers do when they haven’t been taught any better by their parents.

Who else but an adult toddler could believe anything propagated by the Alex Jones “Info Wars” crowd? And yet, Lord Donny repeated one of their stories the other day, when he claimed the government had covered up and the media had failed to report on numerous “secret” terror attacks. How childish does one have to be to believe that: a) the military is in shambles; b) the intelligence sector is falling apart and; c) these incompetent boobs have been able to keep numerous terrorist attacks secret. Logic doesn’t enter into this kind of thinking.

Lord Donny is also enormously preoccupied with people who say “mean things” about him, which actually means anyone who doesn’t praise his very essence. See, real grown-ups are slighted all the time. And yeah, sometimes it makes us mad, but most actual adults get over it in a short time and move on. I have actually had dealings with someone like this for about 15 years and I find it comical. It’s a guy who goes by the name “Steve.” He’s so careful with his actual identity, I won’t use his real name anywhere, but while he jealously protects his own information, he thinks nothing of stalking me and repeating everything he finds. (Sound familiar?) He occupies Usenet newsgroups because it’s about as advanced as he gets. I used to make fun of his “logic,” and one time, in about 2004, I made him look bad when he was talking about the First Amendment, which made him “haz a sad.” To this day, if I wander in there to see what the dregs of Internet politics are doing and I post anything, he’ll insult me and call me names. He’s obsessive about it; he simply cannot handle it when I ignore him. When I ignore him, I can almost envision him skinning and boiling a rabbit, he gets so mad. I have no doubt he voted for Trump because Donny is just like him.

Hell, look at what he Tweeted today:  “My daughter Ivanka has been treated so unfairly by @Nordstrom. She is a great person — always pushing me to do the right thing! Terrible!” (Source) Only, check out the time. It was Tweeted at 10:51 a.m. Eastern Time. This is significant because his daily security briefing is scheduled at 10:30 a.m., which means it is conceivable that he was Tweeting that during his briefing. I can’t swear to that, of course, but it’s possible. And later in the day, Melissa McCarthy clone Sean Spicer actually mentioned it during his press briefing, calling the Nordstrom decision “unacceptable.” (Source) No, what is “unacceptable” the president even commenting on a small-scale business decision by a private corporation, unless it has national security implications or it impacts the entire economy. Not carrying Ivanka’s Chinese-made shit is neither a threat to the economy nor is it a national security issue. Again, he doesn’t understand his job. He does not understand that he is a public servant, not the country’s CEO.

Donny doesn’t think about anything before he says it. He has no impulse control whatsoever and he simply reacts to things. Combined with his uncanny tendency to hold grudges for many years would be entertaining if he was still just a shitty businessman, but as <gak> president, it is nothing short of terrifying. He still hates Graydon Carter for claiming that he had “tiny hands” early in this century. He still hates Rosie O’Donnell because of something she said about him well over a decade ago. He is already facing more lawsuits than anyone else to hold office, possibly ever, and he threatens virtually anyone who says anything. He’s already ordered funding to be stripped from “sanctuary cities,” which, of course, he doesn’t realize he can’t do. He’s even threatened to whitthold funding from California, primarily because they didn’t vote for him. Again, he can’t do it, but why is no one telling him that? (Also, for the record, righties, without California’s tax money, many red states would be bankrupt by now. If California seceded from the union, several southern states would have to double their taxes.

And he’s taking the same attitude toward world leaders who don’t have their lips properly puckered and pressed smack-dab against his ass. I mean, the man picked a fight with Australia, who has worked with us on every single conflict in the last century-plus, including both Iraq and Afghanistan, which they probably wish they hadn’t. But in les than two weeks, he’s actually gotten into a shouting match with Malcolm Turnbull. He’s practically threatened to invade Mexico and he’s insisting he will make them pay for a border wall that we don’t even need, given that net illegal immigration from Mexico has been zero for about a decade.

We have a lot of safety valves built into our system that will prevent him from doing most of the worst things we can imagine. However, I really wonder how long we can handle this child in charge of the reins of the executive branch. I mean, it’s only been 19 days; how are we supposed to make it another 346, let alone four times that?

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