The Two Parties on Jobs

Let’s revisit this notion that the United States is somehow a jobless hellscape and that everyone in this country is either unemployed or being paid too little to pay their bills. Most of us have seen film from the 1930s. The Great Depression ruined many people’s lives. People wore clothes that would be considered rags and they often went years without ever tasting meat. Unemployment rarely went below 20% and going to college was something only the “elites” did. And by “elites,” we’re talking about rich people.

Given the prevalence of campaign ads on television and the internet, it’s no wonder some people believe that the country is economically bereft. But, to hear the Republicans tell it, not only are there no jobs to be had, but it’s all the fault of President Obama. But really, how could it be? I remember former Speaker John Boehner telling us in 2014 that the GOP had proposed “more than 40” jobs bills, but we all have to know that’s just plain crap. He’s not the only one; many Republicans claim they’ve passed “dozens” of jobs bills. However, lets cut the crap; the fact of the matter is, Democrats in Congress and the President are the only ones who have proposed most jobs bills, and Republicans have killed them.

Specifically, within a year after Republicans took over the House, Obama submitted two huge bills to Congress, each of which would have put millions to work rebuilding our decaying infrastructure. and both times, Boehner essentially ignored them. They have also proposed numerous highway bills, which would have created jobs for a million or two, but Republicans slashed them mightily, they even  tried to kill them before the public uproar made them reconsider. Not only that, but the constant budget cuts and the sequester resulted in states having to slash their budgets, leading to the loss of nearly 1 million jobs in the public sector.

Put simply, though Republicans ran in 2010 and 2014 with a promise of creating jobs where they claim Democrats failed, they have actually done nothing. I remember 2014 very well. That was when Boehner’s office tried to list 46 supposed jobs-related bills that his House passed but the Democrats in the Senate ignored.  However, the Democratic senate didn’t actually block any “jobs bills.” Also many of those “jobs bills” were actually proposed by either Obama or the Democrats, anyway. For example, one of the jobs bills they did allow to pass was the Hire More Heroes Act, which was a jobs bill geared to veterans. However, that bill was taken out of the American Jobs Act, a bill proposed by Obama , that was outright ignored by Republicans, even though it would have created up to 3 million jobs, according to CBO estimates. The Heroes bill was carved out of the AJA and proposed separately by Democrats.

Republicans also consider all Farm Bills to be jobs bills, which is absurd. These bills are designed to support farmers, so that they can continue to produce healthy nutritious food. Yes, part of it goes to help processors, but the number of jobs created is in the hundreds, not the millions. Republicans also call all of their bills to repeal Obamacare to be “jobs bills,” based on their fictional belief that the ACA is a “job killer.  Put simply, if you look at the jobs created under Obama, most of the jobs created were created despite the Republican Party. Obama has done so much to create jobs and everything the GOP has done in the last six years has been to undermine that effort.

Republicans entered office with a promise to create more jobs, but they’ve passed virtually no actual jobs bills. Not only that, but massive spending cuts actually undermine job creation. The money the government spends goes into the economy and creates jobs, which means that every budget cut takes money out of someone’s pocket, including many companies that hire people, which means it impacts job creation negatively. They have on the other hand, killed numerous bills that could have produced upwards of 10 million jobs, including numerous bills that have forced states to cut personnel, including police, firefighters and teachers. Imagine if they had worked with President Obama to create jobs, instead of working against him.

Stick with the truth. Democrats create jobs. Republicans kill them.

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