Veracity of Truth Podcast, Ep 3: Guns, God, Gays, Blue Dogs and Emo Progs

This episode is chock full of information to think about. I hate even having to talk about emo progressives less than three months before an election, but I'm uneasy about things. This explains why…


2012-08-08 Veracity of Truth- The PCTC Podcast

Next Podcast will feature a look at humor from the right and left, so stay tuned. 

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  1. I will donate soon. Just found you and I am in love!!!!! I have been looking for you for years. So sick of all the BS with people on both sides trashing Prez. Obama for much that he cannot control and, even more, for that which they don’t understand fully and just believe all the hype. Thank You!!! I am directing all friends (and enemies, lol) to read your blog. Smart, factual, fair, intelligent….well, I could go on and on. So far, agree with you on all things, so you must be right…haha. Truly, thank you for a reasonable, decent point of view, we need so many more like you.

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