The Word “Terrorism” Has Become Meaningless

A group of gunmen hopped out of a car just outside the US consulate in Istanbul, Turkey today. Three police officers and three of the gunmen were killed, and two police officers were wounded in the firefight. Not one American was hurt in the violent exchange, and as of now, no one knows the motivation of the gunmen. But  immediately, the US Ambassador to Turkey, Ross Wilson, labeled it "by definition(…) an act of terrorism.

From Turkey consulate attack ‘terrorism’, says U.S. envoy

Speaking to reporters in the Turkish capital of Ankara, Ross Wilson said he had asked Turkey to implement additional security measures after gunmen Wednesday pulled up in a car and opened fire at a police security checkpoint at the consulate entrance.

"I’m not in a position to speculate on who this is or why they have carried out this action," Wilson said. "But any time there is an attack on diplomatic establishment … (it) is more or less by definition is an act of terrorism."

"Our countries will stand together to confront this as we have confronted some other problems in the past," he added.

Okay, now, you’ve all heard of the boy who cried wolf, and you’ve lived through th infamous color coded terrorist threat level chart. What is it with these morons in the Bush Administration, that they feel like they can label anything as "terrorism," and we’re supposed to shake in our boots in fear? Do they honestly think that shit will work?

Here’s a clue, Bushies; there’s a reason why Dear Leader is hovering in the low 20s when it comes to his approval. There’s a reason why Dick Cheney has been nicknamed Darth by most people who pay attention to what he does.

This country met the Nazi threat in World War II, and we faced down the Soviets during the Cold War. That creepy scary stuff might work in the immediate aftermath of the first major terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, but the American people are trying to tell you that the fear card just ain’t working anymore. Get a clue.

I urge a moratorium on the use of the word "terrorism" for at least 5-10 years. The word’s lost its meaning, anyway.

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