The Worst Ever, But it’s Quite Easily Fixable

When faced with something as awful as a Trump presidency, it’s very easy to fall into exaggeration as a coping mechanism. Thankfully, however, as bad as most of us predicted Trump would be as “president,” he has turned out to be at least that bad, if not worse. He has spent the entirety of his first three years demonstrating for everyone his overall unfitness for his office and we have been able to witness a mental crackup, unlike anything we have ever seen in American public life. Donny once told us we’d get tired of “winning,” but how could we know he meant “winning” in the Charlie Sheen-meltdown sense?

Charlie, to his credit, realized he had a problem and sought help and he is now chemical-free and he seems to have pulled his life back together. With someone like Donald Trump, however, we are faced with a “president” who is apparently incapable of admitting fault of any kind. Worse, he is intent on telling us what a wonderful “president” he has been so far and expecting us to believe him.

This is a man who clearly has no clue what the job he ran for entails, and yet, he is swearing he is doing the job better than anyone who came before. Everyone who came to the job before him was terrible at it and he is the first one to take the job who knows exactly how to do it for the benefit of everyone. This, according to the word of the evangelicals’ savior, Donald John Trump. It really doesn’t matter what the experts say because he is the greatest expert of all time.

There are a lot of nicknames for Donald Trump, many of which employ the use of the color orange, but the best nickname for him is probably “King Mid-ass.” It fits him because he seems to think he’s some sort of monarch, and because, while everything the legendary King Midas touched turned to gold, everything Donald Trump touches turns to shit.

It’s true. While nothing he’s done has served to lay waste to the stock market, the fact of the matter is, job growth has slowed, the manufacturing sector is drowning and several other economic sectors are starting to see signs of negative growth. Primarily, it’s because of his asinine China trade war, but it’s also because he’s essentially killed every trade agreement we once had with our allies. Everything he has done, economically speaking, has played well in Russia, to our detriment, since it’s almost impossible to do anything economically that would benefit both Washington and Moscow.

That’s what Vladimir Putin wants more than anything. While Russia is essentially a third-world country that is almost entirely an oligarchy, he’s trying hard to portray his country as the superpower it once was, and nothing plays to that better than getting the best of the only economic superpower left in the world. (For the Republicans who may happen upon us, that would be the United States. Yes, despite your best efforts over 40 years, we are still the richest country on Earth…)

There will be one good thing to come out of the Trump era, and that will be the temporary death and (perhaps) reconstitution of the Republican Party. That should have happened a while ago, though. Look at their last few nominees for president and you can see that the entire party has been sucking wind for decades. From 1976-2004, there was either a Bush or a Dole on every Republican ticket, and the fields for 2012 and 2016 featured nearly 20 candidates, most of whom would have kindly been referred to as “reprobates” in past decades. Trump didn’t even get a majority of votes in the primaries in 2016, he lost the popular vote, and was only able to eke out an Electoral College squeaker because of copious cheating in several swing states.

And face it; only a broken political party would allow someone like Donald Trump to steal their presidential nomination; a crook and a grifter who had always been a Democrat in the past and who always held positions contrary to the Republican orthodoxy for dozens of years, at least. I mean, if an anti-choice racist, misogynist fake billionaire who placed his religion above his government service ever looked like he might win the Democratic nomination, the DNC would pull out all the stops to prevent it. You can’t help but think the GOP leadership wanted to stop this but couldn’t. Then, when it became certain that Trump would be their standard-bearer, they simply threw up their hands and gave in. Worse than that, however, they all dropped any pretense of conscience and our 100% of their support behind him, no matter how crazy and stupid he got. And they continue to do just that, three years later.

It’s not enough to get rid of Trump. We have to get rid of everyone who has looked the other way while Trump has conducted the most corrupt “administration” in US history. For two solid years, they didn’t even suggest he was doing anything wrong, and now that they only have a majority in the Senate, they refer to the Democrats in the House as “do-nothing, even though they have passed more bills in half a session of Congress than the Republicans did in the past three whole congressional sessions run by Republicans. Of course, almost none of them are becoming laws because “Moscow Mitch” McConnell won’t allow 95% or more of them to be voted on by the Senate.

They all have to go, not just Trump. To say this is not our fathers’ Republican Party is a severe understatement. I mean, the GOP has never been a great political party – their economic policies led to the Great Depression and the Great Recession, 80 years apart. However, they weren’t destructive. Republicans never used to be dismissive of democracy, and they rarely cheated openly back in the old days. Hell; the Republican Party of the early 1960s was a party that was happy to counter the racism of the Dixiecrats, who were holding back the Democratic Party. Consider that 80 percent of Republicans in Congress voted for the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act, so without Republicans, those two laws wouldn’t exist. The Republican Party once had a liberal wing, which they started to shed after their drubbing in 1964 when they decided their best strategy was to appeal racist southern whites.

Since the “Southern Strategy,” the GOP has allowed their party to be overrun by the same people the Democrats rejected because they wanted to move forward in the areas of race and poverty. The white supremacists who had made the Democratic Party home for more than a century were being welcomed into the Republican Party with open arms and now, they are an integral part of the Republican “base.”

We really can’t tolerate this crap anymore. Our grandparents were wise enough to essentially banish the Republican Party from the federal government and most state governments because of their role in starting the Great Depression. It is just a fact that the Republican approach to economics tends to work in favor of the excesses of the very rich and does little to nothing for the middle and working classes. The similarities between Republican economic policies in the late 1920s is eerily similar to their economic policies in the late 2000s when the only thing that mattered was selling houses to as many people as possible without any meaningful regulation. Imagine banking interests without regulation, and with the government encouraging self-regulation and you’ll know why the economy imploded.

This is our opportunity to get rid of this poisonous political party. The Republican Party has been deteriorating for almost a half-century now and it’s time we rectified that by pushing them out of power. We can do this and it won’t even be difficult. Get turnout up there, and we will always win. Yes, it’s that easy. Let’s do this.

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