The Worst First 100 EVER

The first problem with writing up an assessment of the first 100 days of the Trump fiasco comes with trying to decide where to start. Many pundits have characterized the goings-on in the Lord Donny regime as something resembling an out-of-control tennis ball machine, since so much is coming at us constantly, and that is actually an apt description. So, listing everything he has done or not done to date would take far too long to read, let alone write.

I want to try this a different way. Let’s approach this assessment of his first 100 days based on a couple of things; what the job entails and what he promised to do during the campaign. That way, when a bran-dead Trumpie lauds his lord and master for his incredible record, you can show them what an embarrassment he is.

How is he Doing the Job?

That is probably the hallmark of his first 100 days; embarrassment. The national embarrassment of having an orange clown in the White House can’t be overstated. Some people still take Hillary Clinton to task for her “basket of deplorables” comment, mostly because they misquote her and take it out of context, but the fact is, she was and is right. The people who support Lord Donny to this day are deplorable because they are able to look the other way while his actions connote the worst corruption we have ever seen at the highest levels of the federal government. I know ignoring slavery and Jim Crow were worse, but when have we ever seen a “president” who was overtly making a profit from being president and openly gloating about it.

I discussed that in yesterday’s column, so I’ll move on to some specific aspects of his job that he is just plain screwing up. Now, no one expects any president to be perfect right out of the gate. Well, except Obama, of course. The right wing and the left wing were whining about him before he even took the oath and they continued to do so for a full eight years. But other than those who held Obama up as either a god or down as “the Black guy,” no one really expects perfection.

But really, is it too much to ask that a president at least understand the job he has by the time he’s been doing it for 100 days? And yet, there are no signs that the Orange Toddler understands what the job entails. He’s certainly not doing it. And when I say that, I don’t mean he’s not doing it well, I mean, he’s not doing the job. At all. He knows how to sign executive orders and proclamations in a way that attracts attention, but that’s about it.

For example, there are 553 top spots inside the executive branch that must be filled, but the West Wing must have the feel of a ghost town because 90 percent of the basic staff positions remain empty because Trump hasn’t nominated anyone. He’s nominated 50 so far, and he hasn’t nominated many at all recently. (Source) That is half as many as any other president during the GOP era, beginning with Reagan, and it’s pathetic. On the one hand, it’s good for us, since the Executive Branch can’t function and push Lord Donny’s agenda, but it also makes his overall job performance nothing short of horrible. In other words, the Trump faithful who still think he’s a bee’s knees will soon get tired because he will be unable to do anything he promised.

Of course, one reason he may not be making nominations is because no one wants to work for his shit show. Have you ever seen so many people refuse to work in the White House in your life? Besides the off-the-record stories of prominent politicians who have turned down an offer to work “for” Donny (because we all know, that’s who Trump thinks the public servants in the administration work for), you’ll note that there are very few experienced politicians working in the highest “political” office in the land.

And it’s no wonder. This is the most scandal-ridden White House in history, right out of the gate. Like I said, he is obviously using high office as a honey pot. But more than that, every day, there is more evidence that he and his people have been unduly influenced by the Russian government. The more we know about this situation, the more closely it resembles the depths of Watergate. And it took Richard Nixon almost a full term in office to get to the point that he was arrogant enough to think he could do anything. Donald Trump already believed that before he ever lied and promised an oath to place the country above himself. Just 24 days after he was approved, Michael Flynn was forced to resign because of corruption and a lack of vetting. And the other day, Melissa McCarthy double, White House spokesperson Sean Spicer actually tried to blame the Flynn fiasco on President Obama, despite the fact that Obama actually fired Flynn for incompetence on national security matters and the Trump regime hired him without vetting him. See, what “Spicey” fails to mention is that Flynn became an unregistered foreign agent AFTER he was fired by Obama and didn’t bother to disclose that to anyone. As for security clearances, there are numerous levels. I have had to undergo a background check several times for low-level clearances to do work with the government and I can tell you; they’re not all “top secret.”

Trump has not learned anything about his new job. He was apparently left with the impression that the hard part was winning the election and, once he got into the White House, the rest would be a piece of cake, compared to the job of telling others what to do at the failed Trump Organization. Just the other day, in an interview, he lamented that the job was much harder than he thought, and this is someone who has taken a vacation virtually every weekend during his first 100 days and who seems to spend an inordinate amount of time watching Fox News and Tweeting bullshit. Everyone who knows about the job of president knows that it is one of the most challenging jobs in the world and that it ages occupants of the White House prematurely. It is a job that requires a 24/7 focus. The fact that the work required to do the job came to a surprise to Trump is one more indication that Donny believed the “winning” was all that mattered. That’s why he continues to lie about the extent of his electoral win, even though, by this point, no one cares. He ran for president as a trophy; he didn’t actually want to BE president; he wanted to WIN.

What About His Promises?

Lord Donny spent the entire campaign portraying the government as a “complete disaster.” And yet, whereas President Obama pushed through a number of measures to deal with his “complete disaster, which was actually real and crippling the country. As a result, the Great Recession ended months before most predictions and the country embarked on a record string of positive job creation numbers that was only held back by the obstruction of a Republican Congressional leadership intent on making sure the “Black Guy” had no successes to speak of.

Yet, in his first 100 days, Lord Donny has not proposed a single piece of legislation of any kind, including legislation that would begin to address the “complete disaster” that he claimed existed. Instead of actually addressing this “hellscape” economy that he has promised to fix, he is simply taking credit for the momentum created by the Obama approach to economy. (Strangely, however, he hasn’t yet bothered to mention the anemic growth in the latest quarter. Wonder why?) Not a single bill, even though he has an extremely friendly Republican leadership in Congress to help him out.

He’s tried to ban Muslims from the United States twice, but his attempts have been so sloppy and unconstitutional that the courts have had no choice but to swat them down. He promise to build a “big beautiful wall” and have Mexico pay for it has essentially been laughed by by his very own Republican Caucus. Lord Donny has essentially suggested that he might propose a 20 percent tariff on goods from Mexico. He apparently doesn’t comprehend that Mexico doesn’t pay that tariff, we do.

In other words, he’s doing little to nothing to fulfill any of the promises he made to voters, especially since he can’t do most of it without proposing legislation. This is another disconnect regarding Lord Donny and the job himself. he seems to imaging that, when he makes an executive order and signs it, it becomes law. That may be true in a few cases, but if a subject matter has already been dealt with by Congress or the Supreme Court, his executive orders have no effect. He has to work with Congress to pass laws to do most things.

That is especially true of one of the only promises he’s made that we can actually get behind, and that is the $1 trillion infrastructure projects he wants to start. That would actually create millions of jobs, both directly and indirectly and t would do a lot to get the economic engine back to where it was during the 1950s and 1960s. However, we all know it will never make it through the Republican Congress. And someone (Paul “Ron” Ryan, perhaps?) has apparently let Donny know that it isn’t going to happen, because no one from the regime has even floated a proposal, let alone an actual bill.

The Trump regime has had no real progress on any legislation on any subject. His promise to repeal “Obamacare” and replace it with “something” terrific is about as valid as his lying claims that Obamacare is about to self-destruct. So far, Republicans in Congress have proposed two dreadful bills that were never going to pass, and Donny stupidly fully invested in the bills, even though they were absolute dogs. He put what little political capital he actually has on those bills, even after the CBO scored them as adding hundreds of billions to the debt and taking insurance away from as many as 24 million people. Even now, he claims he wants to help “the miners,” but he’s doing nothing that is good for them.

When it comes to taxes, he promised to completely revamp the tax system in his first 100 days, but so far, he’s released a few notes, a few brief notions of that he would like to do. Basic principles are not a tax plan, and he’s spent so much time playing PR guy and worrying about his image, he hasn’t bothered to do anything, even though taxes are the only thing the people who put him there really care about. Well, taxes and abortion, and he’s defunded Planned Parenthood, which will actually do nothing about that.

A lot of the promises about jobs Donny made will never be fulfilled because they can’t be. Speaking of coal jobs, he promised the folks in West Virginia and Kentucky that he would bring them all back, but he fails to understand that it was the market that made coal go away. Solar and wind power are now cheaper than coal, which means it makes no financial sense to invest in coal any longer. In point of fact, most manufacturing jobs have been lost to technology, not immigration, so bringing those jobs “back” isn’t going to happen, either. That’s why the infrastructure investment he’s proposed is so important; those are the only jobs that are coming “back” and they will drive the economy in many other ways, as well. Yet, he’s done nothing.

I’m not sure how long it will take for the hardcore Trump voters to realize they’ve been had. All that’s happened so far in the first 100 days of this nightmare is that he’s created an incredible level of uncertainty about whether he can get anything done. The level of uncertainty also stretches to the tourism industry, where people inside and outside the country are afraid to go anywhere for fear of not being able to come back.

Put simply, while Donny has promised to create loads of jobs, everything he’s done so far will tend to reduce the number of jobs. If he repeals Obamacare that will cost the economy tens of thousands of jobs. His promotion of coal will not gain any jobs and his promise to abandon the climate change treaty, combined with his promotion of fossil fuels will also cost us a lot of jobs in the growing alternative energy industry.

Another problem Trump has demonstrated in his first 100 days is that he has no foreign policy to speak of, which is dangerous as hell. It is impossible to tell if he is an actual “America First” protectionist, as he bills himself and as he looks when he threatens to start trade wars with Canada, Mexico and Korea, so far, or if he is a globalist, which is what he looks like when he plants a big wet kiss on Tse of China, after backing away from his criticisms of that country. While his rhetoric during the campaign was isolationist n nature, he is threatening to be an interventionist, which seems to be his approach to Syria. When it comes to war, it is clear that he wants to start one and the two countries he seems to be threatening the most, North Korea and Iran, are two countries that are really bad choices to taunt. Both countries have the potential to cause some serious damage. While Trump and his regime of deplorables think wars are about “winning” and “losing,” a lot of innocent people die on the way to a win.

I could go on, but suffice it to say that the first 100 days of the Trump shit show has been really difficult. If nothing else, it proves one thing; the government can’t run itself. The executive branch is the administrative branch of government, which makes them very important. That branch “executes” the laws. However, that can’t happen until Donny Trump figures out he’s using the wrong definition of execute.

If the first 100 is any indication, this guy needs to go as soon as possible. Even when he’s not doing massive damage to the country, he’s not actually doing his job, which is one of the most important in government. This is going to be hell.


The Worst First 100 EVER — 2 Comments

  1. Here in British Columbia, our “fearless leader” Christie Clark who never met a tax cut or real estate promoter she didn’t like- rejected a softwood lumber deal with the Obama administration because she thought she could get a better deal with “business guy” Trump.
    Maybe this election we’ll finally get rid of her and 16 years of “Liberal”: rule

  2. The Boston Globe printed a curious op-ed piece, allegedly written by a “Harvard nanophysicist” who went to the convention as a Trump delegate.

    This guy was positively giddy over the success of Trump’s first 100.

    This because Trump did not “literally mean” any of his promises, and the important thing is that Trump is in there sticking it to the liberal elite and the other enemies of the Trumpsters.

    I found that to be a remarkable admission: it’s OK if the leader lies and can not be trusted, so long as he hurts the people I want to see hurt. This, I say, is the most blatant possible repudiation of Democracy as it has always been understood in America.

    No way will this end well.