The Zombie Party

imageDonald Drumpf has essentially won the Republican nomination. Ted Cruz dropped out last night and there is word this morning that John Kasich will drop out today, making it very difficult to deny Drumpf the nomination.

Yes, I know. I said it couldn’t happen. I was wrong. I actually gave the RNC at least a little bit of credit for having the brains to prevent it. I shouldn’t have. No human being can bring a zombie fully back to life.

The Republican Party actually contracted a bad illness in 1929, when their economic policies cause the stock market crash that dragged the world economy into a sinkhole that was so deep, it would take about a half-century to climb out. In 1964, when they suffered their worst electoral defeat in history, they contracted the disease that would ultimately kill them. The “Southern Strategy” is what has ultimately turned the GOP into the Zombie Party.

imageRepublicans were tired of losing. After they killed the economy in 1929, the American people wouldn’t allow them anywhere near the reins of government, except for a short period in the 1950s, when they elected Eisenhower and a Republican Congress and they caused a recession. So, instead of revamping their ideology and learning to govern better, they decided to recruit ignorant racists who were resentful of the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act, which gave “them people” equal rights and ended Jim Crow once and for all.

They’ve been following that pattern for 50 years now, and it’s caused them more harm than you or they could possibly imagine. Their “base” (seriously, has there ever been a better description for these people than “base”?) is extremist and fanatical and they literally do not want the government to do anything because they know government does nothing right. In other words, they’re irrational and willfully ignorant and they don’t care about anyone except themselves.

That’s only part of the problem, though. These people are fiercely loyal to the GOP, but only when the Party does exactly what they want. If they veer even an inch off that very narrow path, they will just sit home and “show them – harrumph!” This last happened in 1992, and George H.W. Bush lost by a huge margin; his 38% of the popular vote was the worst since Hoover lost to FDR in 1932. That’s why Republicans sounds so batshit crazy; they have no choice. If they don’t make their “base” happy, they can’t win.

imageOn the other hand, when they do play to their base, they’re also screwed. I know some of you haven’t noticed (I know this because some of you refer to Hillary as a Republican, which is just flat stupid), but there are no moderates left in the GOP. Ronald Reagan couldn’t possibly win in today’s Republican Party. If you want to know why there are so many Blue Dog Democrats, it’s because they’ve been chased out of the GOP.

Now, the Zombie Party is dead on a national level. If you don’t believe that, consider; 2008 was the first presidential ticket in which the GOP did not run either a Bush or a Dole. The last three presidential elections have features the lamest presidential candidates in Republican history. It’s why the RNC changed the rules this year; they wanted to make sure the crazy didn’t rise to the top. Look how well that turned out for them.

The only thing that keeps the current Republican Party going is, ironically, progressives. At some point, we all have to get together, identify the Republicans as the enemy and realize that the Democratic Party is the only thing preventing the country from being taken over by the Zombie Party.

If progressives can’t help Democrats win huge majorities everywhere this year, we are politically worthless. But we have to go further and keep winning in 2018, 2020, 2022 and beyond.

Don’t let the Zombies win!


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