It’s Time to Hand The Reins of Government Back to the Adults

There is a great article in this morning's New York Times about the sense of "risk and reward" Democrats will feel, should they win the presidency, and strong majorities in the House and the Senate. Essentially, as the article points out very well, Democrats relish the opportunity to run the whole show, and demonstrate responsibility for fixing the mess the Republicans have made over the last eight years.

See, there's a major difference between the Democrats and the current incarnation of the Republicans, in case you haven't noticed. Democrats can't wait to fix the economic mess, amd show how the government can work for the people, while the Republicans couldn't wait to use their power to ram through an agenda that put us in this situation in the first place, although you'd never get them to admit it.

Apparently, Republicans are down to warning people of "one-party rule," which is a desperate move by a desperate political party.And it's also a red herring. Back when it was their political party that was running to dominate the political landscape, they weren't running around warning of the danger of one-party rule.

But the problem isn't the parties, exactly, anyway. Republicans ran the show in the 1950s, and the country did quite well during that period. And the Democrats ran the show during the 1960s, and except for getting us into Vietnam, the country did quite well then, too. The problem is, the current incarnation of the Republican Party has come to be dominated by right wing cranks who are actually more obnoxious than the Taft Wing was during the 1950s, and occupied the fringes of both parties at the time, as well they should have.

The danger isn't one party dominating the debate; the problem is that the Republican Party has allowed the fringe psychos to dominate party politics. I mean, could you ever imagine a time when Barry GOLDWATER would be considered a "moderate," and too far left for these jokers? Yet, he would be ashamed — and in fact was ashamed before he passed away — of what his Republican Party has become.

There is nothing wrong with one-party rule for reasonable periods of time, as long as the party in question understands who it works for. For too long, "bipartisanship" has come to mean "doing it the Republican way, or else," and there has been little concern by the Republican Party for the "little guy," who actually respresents more than 90% of the population. Everything the Republicans did over the last eight years was to push forward their merciless agenda, and to leave the average American high and dry, in favor of an agenda that gave rich corporations everything they wanted. And now, we need a party willing to undo most of that, and re-establish the United States as the benevolent world power we once were.

Unfortunately, there is only one party capable of doing that, and that currently is the Democratic Party. The Republicans may have their shot again, but only if they jettison the far right element that dominates the party, or at least move them back to the fringes where they belong.

Conservative, my ass.

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