There is More to the Problem Than Trump

A growing number of “progressive” pundits are acting as if Trump is the only issue this election season. Once again, we’re being told that only the race for president actually matters, but added to that nonsense is the idea that getting rid of Trump will save the union.

This is, of course, absurd. Of course, we have to get rid of Trump. That almost goes without saying. Four years of complete and total incompetence is far more than enough. If we can get rid of him sooner, we should do it. (I’m looking at you, Congress!) However, if we can’t he should be voted out of politics. On the other hand, the entire Republican Party needs to become extinct. After all, Trump isn’t the cause of everything bad in politics, he’s a symptom if a GOP that has been turning to the extreme right for more than a half-century now.

They started in 1964, when they suffered the worst electoral defeat in their history. At that point, the party was a mainstream party whose worst trait was to implement policies that caused the Great Depression and that resulted in the only recession in the post-war era to that point. Plus, voters used that election to pay tribute to John F. Kennedy, who had been assassinated less than a year earlier. At the time, the Republican Party was actually quite mainstream on most issues. For example, about three-quarters of the GOP caucus at the time voted for the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, and Medicare. At the time, the right wing extremists and white supremacists were split between the parties and the Democratic Party was the worst of the two, with the Dixiecrats disrupting the progressive wing whenever possible.

That is why, when any unicorn “progressive” tells you the Democratic Party has moved right, you have every right to tell them they’re full of shit.

But I digress. The leaders of the Republican Party at the time used the 1964 election – and their absolute shellacking – as an excuse to expand the party’s voter base, and they went after the Dixiecrats, of all people. They voted fr civil rights and then decided to use that as a cudgel to take the segment of the Democratic Party that felt most disaffected by equal rights – racist white people – and invited them into their tent.

Well, as one could guess, people like that would never take orders, they would rather take over. And that is just what they did. They started out moving to the right, but then they adopted a wholly moralistic attitude, in which God became Republican and They gave an artificial version of Jesus a role as their party planner. By the time St. Reagan was elected president, the John Birchers and the KKK had already switched from the Democratic Party to the GOP, and it’s only gotten worse since.

The current version of the Republican Party is unrecognizable as an American political party. For years, their policies have sought to turn the United States into a Soviet outpost, and now, they have embraced and accepted the interference of a Russian former KGB operative in our electoral system, to the point that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has characterized the Democrats’ efforts to fix the problem with voting as a “power grab.” Yes, that’s right; the Russians hacked into our electoral system and attempted to rig it in favor of a Republican for president, and for two years, they refused to address it at all. Then, when Democrats in the House took the meager step of passing a bill to address voting problems, the Republican Party’s leader in Congress referred to it as a “power grab.”

If you think the problem with the entire GOP is Trump, you’re remarkably naive. The fact that the Republicans nominated this moron tells you a lot more than you need to know about the condition of the party. They have been reprehensible for a long time, and the only thing that keeps them power is unicorn progressives who demand a perfect Democratic candidate that doesn’t exist.

What the hell does the Republican Party have to do before everyone realizes that they are uniformly bad for the country?

- They effectively killed welfare, to the point that the budget hasn't gone up in 22 years, and more than three-quarters of those living below the poverty line get zero cash assistance from the government.
- Following the Sandy Hook massacre, in which 26 people attending school were shot and killed, including 20 under the age of 7, Republicans blocked every attempt to institute even the simplest common sense gun control measures, even though 90 percent of Americans supported them, including more than two-thirds of Republicans.
- Democrats passed an assault weapons ban, which resulted in a significant reduction in gun deaths for the first time in years. Despite that, Republicans let it expire and their affinity for the NRA is such, they won't consider any restrictions on guns.       
- After Democrats passed the Affordable Care Act - which is admittedly a cautious measure - with zero Republican votes, Republicans have voted 77 times to repeal the health insurance reform law. They have shut down the government twice over it. 
-   Republicans love to whine about the national debt, but if you look closely, their fingerprints are all over 90+ percent of the deficits that have caused the debt to skyrocket. 
- Republicans keep reducing taxes, but largely only for the very rich. They only reduce income taxes, which the rich rarely pay, and refuse to touch payroll taxes, which is what most working people pay. 
- Republicans are horrible at governing and their economic policies usually lead to severe recessions. The last recession almost became a depression, until the Democrats came in and rescued everyone. 

I could go on and on. If you think Trump is the problem, you haven’t been paying attention. If Republicans didn’t agree with him on virtually everything, they would have used the last two years to replace him with President Pence. They didn’t. During their six years in charge under Obama and in the first two years under Trump, they blocked everything and created zero policy of their own.

Republicans need to go, in every office at every level of government. Like Bush before him, Trump is less the problem than a symptom of how morally bankrupt the current GOP has become.

He is them.

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