There is no “Constitutional Crisis.”

Everyone take a deep breath…

There is no constitutional crisis. Yet. And there likely won’t be.

Look; just because Donald Trump makes a declaration that he can pardon himself doesn’t mean that he can, or that he will even try. He’s a blowhard, for Chrissakes. About 80% of what he says he will do never gets done. And the most outrageous things he’s tried, like the Muslim ban, the courts have stopped him in his tracks.

And there is one thing you have to keep in mind, above all else; Donald Trump is a coward. While he has taken on an orange tone during his political career, yellow would be more appropriate. The reason he whines so much about witch hunts and hoaxes is because he is deathly afraid of what Robert Mueller will find. But if you really think about it, WHY is he so afraid?

It’s not what many people assume he is afraid of.

He’s not afraid of going to jail. Trump, like most filthy rich people, don’t worry about going to jail because they generally don’t go to jail. I mean, for Chrissakes, folks; he told you that during the campaign, when he declared he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not pay a price. His “lawyer,” Rudy Giuliani, said roughly the same thing last week, when he declared that Trump could “shoot Comey” and wouldn’t have to pay for it. No, Donald Trump is not afraid of going to jail because he thinks he can buy his way out of it. And why wouldn’t he? He has done things that would get you or I thrown in jail all through his public life. He has been a crook for many years, and he has run his company in much the same way crime families run their businesses. If he hasn’t gone to jail yet, he’s not likely to ever go to jail.

In other words, I know this will make some of you sad, but you will likely never see Donald J. Trump’s orangutan-colored ass frog-marched to jail. It just doesn’t happen to people with billions of dollars or white people who are considered “pillars of society.” Even Leona Helmsley, who was caught dead to rights and was initially sentenced to 16 years in prison, until Alan Dershowitz helped her, and she spend less than 2 years in prison. In most cases, rich people who are convicted of breaking laws other than murder do not get sent to jail.

So, what is he afraid of?

He’s most afraid of two things. As a narcissist, he can’t stand it when people don’t like him. He has the least self-esteem of any public figure I have ever seen. The other thing is, he is deathly afraid of losing his family legacy and, by virtue of that, losing access to millions of dollars. Think about it; he splatters the Trump name on every property, as if people will pay extra to live in a building with his name on the front. Also, when he went though so many bankruptcies, instead of taking time to recover and regroup, he desperately looked for anyone willing to loan him capital. This is why we know no one would lend him money; he went to every major financial institution in the country, and many in other countries, and they saw him as too big a risk. Instead of fixing the deficiencies in his businesses, he went to the Russians, who arranged to get him a huge loan to buy more overpriced shit that he could lose more money on.

This is why I think Donald Trump will eventually resign. At some point, he’ll be looking at becoming the most disgraced politician in history, notoriety that will cause him to lose shit-tons of money. Just as importantly, it will cause the Trump name to become mud. It’s already starting to happen; ask the people living in Trump Tower how hard it is to sell a condo right now.

There is no “constitutional crisis” right now, because Donny can’t really do most of the shit he is threatening to do. And he knows it, or at least suspects it. As soon as he can no longer pillage the Treasury for as much as he can steal, and as soon as his name becomes synonymous with the most corrupt regime in history, short of Nazi Germany, he’ll have no reason to stay, and he will be gone so fast, he’ll look like a melting Creamsicle.


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