They All Have to Go

It is important to note that our beef with Trump isn’t actually about Trump.

You see, Trump isn’t the problem, he’s a symptom. It’s not hard to imagine someone accidentally becoming president and then envisioning giving himself special powers. A lot of people who taste power simply want a lot more of it. That’s a problem, but not THE problem.

THE problem is that a large portion of the government is being run by a party that would allow someone like Trump to be nominated to represent their party as its standard-bearer. No one like Trump would have a chance to win the nomination in the Democratic Party. It just wouldn’t be possible because voters just don’t think that way. Bernie Sanders is about as “radical” as Democrats get, and while a lot of Bernie’s rhetoric mirrors Trump, he’s not even close to being nominated. Also, the Democratic Party has several devices built in to their nomination process – like Super Delegates – to make it less likely an outlier grifter and con man would ever win the nomination. In early 2016,. When it was apparent Trump had at least a 50-50 chance of being nominated, the GOP should have been able to stop him. But they did nothing.

What’s worse is, they continue to do nothing, except to ;pander to Trump’s core audience and enable everything he wants to do. At least daily, Trump does something that supposedly goes against Republicans’ core principles, and yet they say nothing to or about him. He violates the Constitution with impunity and, because the Republican Party chooses not to oppose him, only Democrats are n record as opposing him, even when he’s flat wrong.

Consider Trump’s redirection of Pentagon funds to pay to build that infinitely stupid border wall. The GOP basically worships the military and raises its budget every year as a result. Yet, here is Donny, moving military budget money to his vanity wall, and there is nary a peep coming from the right side of the aisle. I mean, Congress essentially refused to give them wall money, but here is the entitled Donald Trump, taking what he wants from what had been a carefully crafted Pentagon budget, and his party is silent. They have essentially decided that the separation of powers is no longer important.

Then, there is Trump’s tariffs, which is essentially a tax increase, which we have been told by the GOP is forbidden. The result is, thousands of products people buy every day have become more expensive. Again, only Congress is allowed to raise taxes, but here is Donny deciding unilaterally to impose extra taxes, with Republicans in Congress staying silent.

This is THE problem we face with Trump in office. Trump thinks his job is “Boss of America” and he thinks whatever he orders becomes law through sheer force of will. He thinks an ‘executive order” is the same as a CEO issuing a memo, and he thinks his underlings (which means all of us) should be doing whatever he orders. And Congress – which is essentially the only body capable of making laws and overseeing the executive – does nothing about any of it.

This is our mission for 2020. We have to make sure the Republican Party never has government power again. They all have to go, at every level. Trump is doing a lot of horrific shit, but it’s his enablers who allow him to get away with it.

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