They Just Don’t Care…

Why is it even controversial to state what should be obvious by now? All Republicans currently in government need to go because they have shown time and time again that they simply do not care for us. And when I say “us,” I am not just talking about white liberal like me or unicorn progressives, or even “centrists.” They don’t care about any American who doesn’t already have millions or billions of dollars and/or own a company large enough to count revenues in the tens of billions.

Consider, it was less than eight months ago when they pushed through a massive tax cut that benefits no one who isn’t already a millionaire or higher and, in fact, raised taxes on the working classes. At the same time, they added so much to the deficit, it’s likely we will be looking at $1 trillion-plus deficit for the foreseeable future. Obviously, actual conservatives (meaning people with a conservative mindset) who actually care about deficits and debt were royally screwed.

Almost immediately after they passed that bill, they were proudly proclaiming that we need not worry, since they would cut programs like Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security to pay for the loss of revenues, at the same time they dismissed the loss of revenues as no big deal. One Republican member of Congress, Vern Buchanan, who is also a member of the Ways and Means Committee and had a hand in writing the tax cut bill, immediately went out and purchased a brand new yacht with the likely savings he would experience, given his personal wealth of more than $70 million. He helped write a bill that potentially cut his taxes in half, at the same time it increased taxes for working-class families by as much as 20% and promised to engineer cuts in Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare. They didn’t even flinch when the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) noted that taxes on middle-class Americans would actually increase. In other words, Warren Buffet’s taxes were likely cut in half, while the line worker at one of his businesses are seeing a tax increase.

Of course, we should have known this already. Look how hard they have worked for the last eight years to take health insurance away from tens of millions of families who have only recently been able to afford to pay for it. And what about the change they made in the ACA that allow insurance companies to charge premium holders over 50 as much as five times more than younger policy holders?

And what about guns? There are few of us who can say we haven’t been affected by gun violence at one time or another. I have a friend who was shot in the leg by a stray bullet while sitting stopped at a traffic light a few years ago, I know someone whose cousin was shot in Las Vegas attending a concert, and I have a friend who lost his kid at Columbine almost 20 years ago. But I will also claim to have been affected by all of the other tragedies that have become all too common in recent years, including the Parkland shooting in Florida, the Sandy Hook shooting and church shooting a few years back, by the little asshole who just hated black people.

Weeks after Sandy Hook, in which 26 people, including 20 precious small children under the age of eight, Republicans were presented with a proposal to put a minor curb on the number of guns landing in the wrong hands, by requiring background checks on all gun sales. According to most polls, more than 90 percent of Americans were in favor of this, including the vast majority of gun owners, yet Republicans killed it. In the wake of the Las Vegas shootings, Republicans refused to even consider a ban on bump stocks, which, once again, is supported by 90 percent of Americans. In 2004, Republicans also allowed the assault weapons ban to lapse, even though the number of gun homicides had dropped by about a quarter while it was in effect. They have also passed bills allowing silencers to be purchased more easily and to prohibit the CDC from studying the effects of gun violence.

Republicans spend more on the military than even the Pentagon asks for, but they have repeatedly cut SNAP (Food Stamps) and they have gutted programs to provide wash assistance to the poor, to the point that more than three-quarters of this living oil poverty get zero cash assistance.

I’m not pointing this out because I expect the “white working class” idiots who still support Trump to read this and suddenly say, “You know, he’s right! We’re being screwed.” That would be silly and stupid of me. While I can be silly at times, I’m only rarely stupid. My intension with this column, and many others to follow, is to bring out the big guns to get rid of the GOP, which has become a menace to the American people.

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