This Ain’t Your Daddy’s GOP

I am getting so tired of folks on the right who get butthurt every time I point out that the current version of the Republican Party is not legit, at least when it comes to their leadership. In other words, the Party of Lincoln is over. Even the Party of Goldwater is long gone. While I would never say that all Republicans are racist, I will say that all racists vote for Republicans these days. And it’s not a coincidence.

And if you don’t like that I say it, then do something about your party. Its leadership has spent more than a half-century recruiting the worst people in our society, including racists and xenophobes, and that’s what you’re left with. And only you, who are members of the worst political party in US History, can do something about it. If you don’t like that I say, “If Lincoln were alive today, he wouldn’t be a Republican, then fix your party.

It is a FACT that only the current GOP would ever nominate someone like Donald Trump to be their leader and standard-bearer. If this was 60 years ago, it would be Democrats who would nominate someone that corrupt and incompetent for President, but these days, it’s the Republican Party.

Think about this; in 1964-1965, more Republicans than Democrats voted for the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act, which were actually conservative bills that addressed a lot of terrible conditions that were far too common at the time. Until the GOP started to actively recruit racists and rewprobates to its ranks, we Democrats were the home of the Birchers and KKK who bothered to vote, and they embarrassed us.

However, starting with the 1968 Presidential race, the GOP started to place winning elections ahead of service to the American public. And, as anyone with half a brain would have expected, the Republican leadership came to depend on them. As such, they have become the GOP “base.” (I’m not sure there has ever been a more appropriate descriptive term for the leadership of a major political party than “base.”

Nowadays, while many ordinary Republicans like to deny it, their leadership has shown itself to be completely incompetent to run the country, or even a state. Think about it; when Democrats had a veritable stranglehold on the government, we became the richest country on the planet. Now, with Republicans winning more elections than Democrats over the past 40 years, we have become an economic basket case. Look at our debt. Republicans like to blame Democrats for all of it, and claim that we’re all about “tax and spend” policies, but here’s the truth; the current version of the Republican Party is a long con. They don’t care about deficits and debt; they only care about winning snd losing. Virtually all national Republicans have signed a “promise” to the eminent Grover Norquist to cut taxes and eliminate deficit spending, but really, not a single one of them cares about deficit spending, really.

And let’s be real; at a state level, most Republicans have been an embarrassment at the state level. Look at the wealthiest states in the country and almost all are led by Democrats, while the poorest in the country rerun by Republicans. This is why so many Republicans focus their ire on cities with a lot of People of Color in them, especially Blacks. They use racist dog whistles to attract and then keep their racist “base” and their current positions on immigration now go against everything this country used to stand for. The same is true of their opinion on civil rights. Their racist ranks have swelled and they pander to them because they are scared to death of losing. The GOP no longer cares about making America better. To their leadership, “Make America Great Again” is an empty slogan; you would be hard-pressed to point to anything championed by Trump and the current GOP that would make this country better because that would piss off their “base.”

If you think I’m wrong, then please, prove it. Here are some of the things your Republican Party is responsible for and we liberal Democrats look forward to a day when it all stops;

  • The leadership of the GOP laughed at the idea of Donald Trump as president when he first announced, but within a few weeks, they started to support him on everything. And during his four years as “president,” they looked the there way as he funneled millions of tax dollars into the Trump Organization.
  • They allowed Trump to get away with not submitting the same financial records that everyone else in both parties are normally required to provide before they take office.
  • They lined up and promised to acquit Trump in his impeachment trial and then fixed it so that none of the evidence would count.
  • The GOP has lined itself against the Black Lives Matter movement, and they have passed numerous laws designed to suppress votes, precisely because they don’t want every American to vote. Here is Republican icon Paul Weyrich saying exactly that in 1980: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  • Republicans have conned everyone into believing that they are passing voter ID laws in order to protect voters, despite the fact that voter fraud almost never happens. In one oft-cited study from 2014, researchers examined more than a billion ballots from about 8 elections and found a possible 31 incidents of voter fraud. And again, those aren’t all proven, so it may be fewer than that. In the meantime, in ONE state with the strictest ID laws, at least 3,000 voters were denied the vote because they couldn’t meet the Voter ID rules. These days, it has become a hallmark of Republican politics to pass laws to prevent problems that don’t actually exist, in any case. That’s not something government is supposed to do, to say the least.
  • For the eight years of the Obama Administration, the “Moscow Mitch” McConnell-led Senate blocked every bill that was written or backed by the Obama Administration, as part of an open effort to prevent his success.
  • At the same time, Republicans at all levels questioned Obama’s legitimacy, through racist depictions and dog whistles, and then by claiming he wasn’t born in the United States. And they pushed it, even after they had both his birth certificate and a birth announcement in the Honolulu newspaper.
  • Republican leaders also dragged Obama for eight years about his ethnicity and his religion, and they did so in a way that insulted all Muslims, as well.
  • Republicans spent 8 years whining about Obama’s love of the game of golf and complained about his frequent outings, while saying nothing about Trump’s weekly golf romps, which were far more expensive and were taken at his own golf resorts, which means the bills were paid by taxpayers.
  • Republicans also looked the there way while Trump negotiated with China for their help in financing an Indonesian resort.
  • Even though every intelligence agency in the United States pointed to interference in the 2016 election, Virtually every Republican, including Trump, trashed the intelligence community and refused to take the accusations seriously.
  • Republicans lie about everything; far more than Democrats. During his four years in office, at least one journalistic enterprise has documented more than 20,000 outright lies Trump told in four years, and yet, no one from his party objected to any of them, and most of their leadership parroted them.
  • In the past 40 years, every single recession or economic downturn of any kind, can be tied to Republican policies. That includes the Great Recession of 2008, which can be tied to a bill to create a new mortgage aftermarket that was essentially unregulated, and it caused the entire economy to crash.
  • Republicans routinely lie about the meaning of the Second Amendment, and they have actively ignored any law that would create any sort of restrictions on weapons ownership. Hey have also be unapologetic allies of the NRA, no matter how ridiculous they get. They even created a law that bans the CDC from looking into the health effects of gun ownership.

There is no much more… I could easily go on for ten more pages of outrages perpetrated by the current version of the Republican Party. They have shown more regard for Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin than they show for the patriots who putter asses on the line to keep this country safe and protected. And anything they find to be inconvenient, they dismiss as a “hoax.” No, climate change is not a “hoax,” and the coronavirus is sure as shit not a “hoax.” And yet, find me a half dozen Republican Leaders who have bothered to support efforts to reverse climate change. Then, check out how many GOP Congresscritters who willingly wear a mask in the Capitol.

These are all facts, folks. If you don’t like them, then it’s up to all of you who call yourselves Republican to change it. The Republican Party used to be considered the “loyal opposition,” and Democrats have never referred to Republicans as “the enemy,” which is now common among Republicans when referring to Democrats who have done no more than disagree with them.

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