We Reveal Our Right Boob Once Again…

This has been coming for quite some time…

You knew it was just a matter of time…

The Republican Party leadership is absolutely morally and ethically bankrupt these days. I actually feel sorry for Republicans, by and large, because their leaders are absolutely worthless. They have become the "Party of No," and they demonstrate absolutely no ideas whatsoever. Now, I know this for a fact; average Republicans have ideas; some of them are even good ones. But the leadership of their party has nothing.

And no one exemplifies the political bankruptcy better than our Right Boob…

It's time to reveal our Right Boob of the Week…

House Minority Leader John Boehner…

Boner Boob

We tried to warn you about this idiot back in February. We talked about his obviously sprayed-on tan. The man's from Ohio, and he works in 
Washington, DC, but he's orange. ORANGE; not even brown. We can't document this for sure, but the man looks like a lush. At the very least, he has a drunk's eyes. We documented his used car salesman mannerisms, his penchant for crying on cue, his incredible flair for  the dramatic that probably exceeds that of the entire cast of Queer Eye. We discussed his infatuation with Anna Nicole Smith, and his moronic political instincts.

You'll recall that, when asked his thoughts on the $800 billion stimulus package, his main complaint about it was the $50 million to be spent on family planning. Then, later on, it was his dramatic gesture of throwing the stimulus on the floor and whining about not having time to read it. 

Now, he's outdone even himself. Last week, Republicans were criticized for bitching and whining about the Obama Administration's budget proposal, without having one of their own. So, Republicans, led by The Boner, bitched and whined about the complaints about their bitching and whining, and then decided to hold a press conference. At this press conference, reporters were given a copy of the "Republican Budget," which consisted of 19 pages of bullshit, with no numbers and absolutely no details.

He's so full of shit, he appeared on Fox News earlier in the day, claiming that he had a budget, and essentially lying. Fox noted that Boehner said the GOP submitted a budget back in January, which is obviously not true. Here's the video (and I note that this is from Boehner's very own YouTube page):

Yet, just hours later, The Boner was asked why there were no numbers in the budget, and the Minority Leader would have the details of the budget next Wednesday. (Is there some significance to the date, perhaps? heck Wednesday's date, folks…)

By the way, here's the only press conference video The Boner put on his You Tube page:

John Boehner, PCTC's Right Boob of the Week!

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