This is Why We Lose, Progressives

This is the kind of crap that kills the progressive movement. Actually, there are a lot of things wrong with this article, but I want to focus on the headline and the image.

This is an article sent in my email by Daily Kos, dated Thursday, January 15.

Here are the Senate Democrats who voted to move forward on building the Keystone pipeline

What would be the purpose of writing such an article?

Does the anonymous poster actually think s/he is making her/himself look smarter by “going after Democrats equally”? If so, the effect is actually the opposite. It makes the (again, anonymous)poster look like a clueless right winger, if we’re being realistic. At this point in time, why would anyone think it is good to go after a Democratic Party that is already in the minority in the House? Is the goal to make Democrats an even smaller minority in the House, and to make it harder to elect a Democrat to the White House in 2016? I only ask because that is a more likely result than anything else, really.

Here’s the nifty graphic the poster added, for clarity. (You know, because progressives can’t read names and don’t know where the states are):

dems who voted for keystone forward

The stupidest and most pointless graphic ever created? Damn close. Let me count the ways.

    • The first thing everyone needs to understand is, the vote is for… are you ready?… to MOVE THE BILL FORWARD! It’s not to pass the bill. It’s to put the bill before the House for a vote. Does everyone understand how meaningless this is? It’s entirely possible to vote to move the bill forward so you can vote against it. Is that likely the case here? Of course not. But then…
    • Every single Republican ALSO voted to move the bill forward. Every single one. They are in the majority, so they didn’t need the Democratic votes. Also, it would have passed whether or not these Democrats voted to move the bill forward. That means the Democrats can’t be faulted by anyone who understands anything at all about the way politics works. If they had all voted against bringing the bill forward, it still would have gone forward.
    • Every single one of the above Congresscritters represents a district in which oil dollars are extremely important. Seriously; who in their right mind would represent North Dakota or Montana and vote against something that could cost their state jobs, especially since voting against it wouldn’t make any difference anyway? 

This shit has to stop, people. This article is typical of the professional left and PUBs/emos in general. They give a pass to the Republican Party, who wrote the bill in the first place, who have advocated for Keystone XL (Keystone has already been built, which means this person didn’t even get that simple fact right) for years, and who moved the bill forward on their own without the Democratic votes. On what logical level does that make even a little sense?

Look at this the right correct way… the common sense way…

If you’re a politician, representing a conservative, oil-dependent district, and your principles say “no” to Keystone XL, your choices depend on whether you’re in the majority or the minority. If you’re in the majority, you can be sure to not write or co-sponsor such a bill, and since Democrats would never write such a bill, there is zero chance you would ever have to vote for it.

However, if you’re in the minority, you have another choice. If passage by the majority is all but guaranteed, you can vote for the bill and protect your job, or you can vote against it, and put your job at serious risk for… what? A principle? What principle might that be? Helping make the Democrats an even smaller minority and more fully emboldening the Republican Party? Are those principles progressives can get behind? I hope not.

Every time a “progressive” gives the entire Republican Party a pass so they can go after Democrats, s/he adds another nail to the proverbial progressive coffin. You make Republicans more powerful, and you make Democrats less so.

Not only that, but you look incredibly stupid and politically naïve when you do so. If you don’t want Democrats voting against bills like this one, against Keystone XL, then make sure such bills don’t come up. We know how to do this.

Stop helping Republicans win, and then acting shocked when they act like Republicans.


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  1. Most of these people aren’t progressives in the classic sense. They’re the ivory tower “thinkers” who have no concept of how government or politics actually work. Their main function is to serve as useful idiots for the right.