PCTC’s This Week in GOP Insanity – NY Values Edition

With all of the shit that’s going on on the opposite side of the political aisle right now, it’s hard to believe there is so much infighting on the Democratic side. These are the people we have to get out of government, folks. It is with this in mind that SueinRockville and Milt Shook bring you:

The Friday GOP Follies*

*where RNC Chairman Reince Preibus wants to reassure everyone, he is NOT, I repeat NOT pouring Bailey’s Irish cream liquor over  his breakfast cereal!

The Road to the Nomination:

It wouldn’t be a complete week without a major flub by someone from the Klown Kar, mostly Donald Drumpf. So, it should surprise no one when Drumpf appeared before a crowd in Buffalo just before the New York Primary and suggested that the police and firefighters were heroic when they gathered at the 7-11.

It’s unclear, but perhaps he was jonesing for a Slurpee. What’s telling, though, when you look at the video is that the lickspittle followers who are sitting behind him apparently didn’t even hear him say it.

Trump 2Of course, it shouldn’t surprise anyone. No one is apparently listening to anything he says, because they never challenge him on any of it. Case in point; this week, those fine “journalists” at the Today Show let him get away with an obvious lie when he told them he was against invading Iraq at the beginning. He wasn’t. Media Matters explains it all here.

As we all know, Drumpf was a YUGE winner in the NY Primary. Well, he won most of NewYork. He actually lost in the area of New York where they know him best; Manhattan. The Republicans there chose John Kasich, who garnered a total of 4 delegates.
There is also word that Drumpf is working on his image and there are plans to make him seem smarter. Of all people, Ben Carson, the guy who would be dead if not for his belt buckle, and who claims he bravely suggested a robber shoot the kid behind the counter at Popeye’s and who apparently struck his mother with a hammer, assures us that Drumpf is sounding more sane.
Ted Cruz paid dearly for his “NY Values” comments at the debates, as he came in a distant third in that state and received a total of zero delegates. It seems to be true: Everybody Hates Ted Cruz!

Speaking of Cruz, the Internets are all abuzz and laughing their asses off that the possibility that Cruz might have a sister or a love child. Or perhaps he has a hobby that Heidi doesn’t know about. Seriously, look at this guest on Maury. We want to warn you, it’s a little creepy.

Cruz doppleganger

Here’s more.

Insanity at the State Level

Of course, not all Republican insanity is about the presidential race and not all of it is fun and games. A lot of it is serious. Here are some examples of Republican state officials attempting to bankrupt their states:
The learning curve steepens for Pat McCrory (Bigot-NC) & Phil Bryant (Bigot-MS),  who continue to act surprised that hasty actions have consequences.
Not to be outdone, Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach can always be counted on to deflect attention away by some profoundly racist or ignorant statement. (Source) (Source)
While Michigan Governor Rick Snyder escaped the first round of indictments due to the Flint water crisis, three of his colleagues were charged.
Bible baggerTennessee did double duty with the stupid this week. Not only did they discard the First Amendment in an attempt to make the Holy Bible the official state book, but they seem to have learned nothing from other states like North Carolina and passed yet another unconstitutional anti-LGBT law based on “sincerely held beliefs” (read bigotry).
Because Governor Matt Bevin of Kentucky apparently thinks that being the Governor is much the same as being the King, and he is being sued because he cut education funding do drastically. (Source)
The idiot Republicans in Texas are once again threatening to secede. They actually plan to discuss it seriously at their next state convention. (Source) If there is some way that only Republicans and other right wing clowns could secede, I’d be all for it. I’m sure Drumpf would like that idea; there’s be less wall for him to build.
 and if they . In fact, they plan  TexASS Morons in another bid to show “Don’t Mess With Texas” but do give us tons of Federal Money once again will force a vote:
Stay tuned for next week’s edition of GOP Follies but in tribute to NC & all other Red States, we end with StephenColbert’s message to NC

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