Tillmans Lose a Son; General Loses a Star for Lying About it?

From: The Raw Story | CNN: Highest ranking general in jeopardy for Tillman cover-up.

"A retired three-star general criticized for misleading investigators probing the controversial death of Cpl. Pat Tillman could be stripped of a star and face a decrease in retirement pension," Pentagon officials tell CNN.

"Retired Lt. Gen. Phillip Kensinger’s three-star rank could be cut to two stars, according to Army officials," CNN reported Thursday morning.

Kensinger purportedly misled military investigators when saying he didn’t know until after Tillman’s memorial service that his killing in Afghanistan was the result of friendly fire.

"We didn’t find that credible. We found evidence that he knew in the April time frame," acting Defense Department Inspector General Thomas Gimble told the network.

What someone should be asking is who originally ordered the cover up? And frankly, a three-star general covering up the reasons for the death of a patriotic soldier should lose more than a star and a little bit of pension. I’m not saying you should lock him up or demote him to private, but there has to be some accountability here.

And generals don’t usually lie about things like this, unless someone wants them to… time to find out who… and more importantly… why…


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