Tilting At the “Third Way” Windmill

This rant is long overdue. Sorry in advance, but it’s time someone said it…

I’m tired of ideological purists on the far left side of the aisle telling me and many other actual liberals that we’re not really “progressive” because we seem to be less ideological than they.

Fuck you. Fuck you all. And I mean that. Just shut up and listen for a change.

There isn’t one single solitary progressive or liberal with a greater desire to live in a progressive country and progressive world than I. I’ve said this before, and I mean that. I want everyone who works to make enough money to live on. I want us to be able to track every gun in the country and make sure that those who shouldn’t have a gun don’t have one. I want police and the populace disarmed down to just what they need to protect themselves and their families under realistic circumstances. Every single human being in this country should be entitled to the same rights as rich white men, regardless of what others think of them, their race, their religion or their sexuality. I want an absolute wall between church and state in this country, but no walls on the borders. I want an end to the drug war and the debilitating effect it has had on this country. I don’t want us to fight another war that does not start with someone violently attacking us. I am against torture under all circumstances and I want complete reform of the criminal justice system. And, of course, healthcare should be an absolute right, and everyone should get whatever they need to live a long healthy life.

In other words, folks, I’m a bleeding heart, far left liberal who believes that to be the best we can be means everyone should be free and equal and should want for nothing. Period. Got it?

Put simply, when some ignorant PUB (progressive unicorn brigade) or professional left clown tells me I’m not liberal enough, they quite literally don’t know what they’re talking about. They are working on a false assumption based on their own idiocy. They think that everything I believe is encapsulated in the things that I say and write online, because they themselves are stupid enough to only express what they feel, without any regard to what can actually be done. They don’t listen to anyone else and they don’t know or care what anyone else thinks.

I am an idealist, just like them. The only difference is, I have both feet planted in the real world, where making demands results in absolutely nothing getting done. The real difference between the morons on the far left, with all of their screaming and demands, and me is that I can appreciate the concept of nuance.

Why have these idiots not realized that nothing they demand ever actually gets done? And why would it get done? The key to a democratic system is getting the most people to vote for your side, but who the hell wants to support a group of people who are always screaming at others, for Chrissakes? I mean, when two crazy people are shouting at each other on the sidewalk, are you more likely to cross the street to get away from them or do you listen more closely, to see who’s making the better point? Again, I live in the real world; like most people, I cross the street.

The other day, I was reading some trite little piece on a professional left site about what they referred to as “liberal elites.” It made me laugh, but not in a ha-ha way, it was far more sardonic. All I could think was, the person who wrote it lives securely in a bubble of his own making. The article claimed that the Democratic Party had become “anti-ideological,” and it claimed that it has been that way since Clinton was elected in 1992.

Now, I have been hearing this line of bullshit for weeks on my Twitter feed, which is why I am not calling out this writer or this publication. The notion goes that, the “Third Way” took over the Democrats in 1992 and that it continues to dominate it in a way that makes Hillary Clinton’s candidacy untenable, for some stupid reason. Well, let me enlighten you geniuses.

The “Third Way” came into being in the wake of the 1984 election, when the Democratic Leadership Council came into being. They believed, incorrectly, that they had to move the party to the right if they were going to save it from what seemed at the time to be a horrible morass. I had to work with the DLC in the 1980s and 1990s. They were despicable. I actually knew one of them who, every time I called him told me my last name meant “piss” in Arabic. (It doesn’t, but since when do you tell anyone something like that?) My personal animosity to them extends to this day, to the point where I had a hard time rooting for Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia governor’s race a few years ago. I was working hard on campaigns and the DLC was screwing our candidates because of their short-sightedness. But…

The DLC, “New Democrats” and the “Third Way” have bitten the big one. They’re dead. They lost a ton of support when they all but demanded that Al Gore choose Joe Lieberman as a running mate and they were left on life support after 2004, when they led John Kerry to an ignominious defeat to the worst incumbent president of all time. But they officially saw their demise in 2008, when Barack Obama kicked their asses and their hand-picked candidate, Hillary Clinton.

And no, the emergence of Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee in 2016 does not constitute a resurgence of the DLC and the despicable “Third Way.” It’s obvious, if you would bother to take your heads out of your recta and look. Under no circumstances could a DLC politician get away with challenging Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders and declare herself “more progressive” than him. I mean, for shit’s sake, people, open your eyes! Democrats had THREE candidates for the presidency who proudly called themselves “liberal” and “progressive” and all of whom called for major changes to the criminal justice system. They embraced the #blacklivesmatter movement (well, after they figured out what it was) and every single one of them called for tax increases. Hell, folks; BILL CLINTON himself – the same guy these geniuses claim founded the “Third Way” denounced himself for the crime bill and welfare reform. Not only that, all three major Democratic candidates (okay, two-and-a-half) came out in favor of marijuana de-criminalization or legalization.

Meanwhile, there were two candidates in the Democratic Primary who were “Third Way” candidates’ Jim Webb and Lincoln Chaffee. How’d they do, by the way? I know you PUBs have worked hard to convince yourselves what political geniuses you are, but let’s get real; if you think a DLC puppet could even try to out-liberal Sanders, you need to put down the pipe.

This is only the first in a series about the reality of “liberal elites,” because this is an important concept. To put it simply, white liberal PUBs and professional lefties, who make up the actual “liberal elites,” have actually created a shadow “liberal elite” to fight against it while they call the rest of us, who are more interesting in the “progress” part of progressive politics than in being right about everything, “liberal elites” so that they can have a windmill to tilt against. Don’t worry if you’re confused; it’s absurd. It’ll make more sense as I go.

We have to be sick of this because we can’t afford to continue to lose ground to the batshit crazy Republican Party.

To be continued…


Tilting At the “Third Way” Windmill — 2 Comments

  1. I wonder if you would consider writing something that “the Third Way” is, in part, a misunderstanding of dialectical processes, a misunderstanding that assumes that there is one and only one Third Way, when a cognitive application of the model, dialectics, from which the term “third way” was derived, implies MULTIPLE third-ways, each with its own relative degree of probable validity and reliability.

    That’s multiple third-ways, because cognitively dialectical thesis evokes anti-thesis and the dynamo created by similarities and differences between the two, thesis interacting with anti-thesis, results in syntheses, plural, not just synthesis, singular. So part of this “the Third Way” idiocy is the misunderstanding that it’s THE Third Way, instead of A third way, one of n dynamically possible third ways, and it’s which of those n third ways it’s going to turn out to be, evoked by the macro-transitional factors at work in our physical, social, and political world, that the Democratic Party is struggling with itself over right now.

    • The Democratic Party isn’t struggling. The people who are struggling are people who have a strong desire for politics to be a lot mOre complicated than it is. I have a Poli Sci degree, too, but most of what I know about politics comes from real life. There is no “Third Way” because it presumes that there are “normally” two ways, which is just silly. We are a two party system because of basic math, not some philosophical phenomenon. You have to have a majority to win most elections; that precludes a “Third Way.”