Time to Grow a Spine, People!

In my life as a pundit/political animal, I live by a simple credo. If what you’re saying doesn’t piss someone off, then what you say probably has no real value. To get where you need to go in the political realm, you have to be willing to accept the fact that some people are not going to like it.

I mean, if I got upset every time someone called me an unfriendly name, or suggested I go do something intimate with myself, or called me a moron, I would have gone off the deep end more than 20 years ago.

  • It is fact that Donald Trump is a criminal.
  • it is fact that Donald Trump is a liar.
  • It is fact that Donald Trump has lied himself out of trouble for decades.
  • It is fact that Donald Trump is just really horrible at his job.
  • It is fact that he and the Republican Party are far too friendly to Russia.
  • It is fact that the Trump Administration has been doing Russia’s bidding for two solid years now.
  • It is fact that the Republicans in Congress have been covering up for Trump for two solid years.
  • It is fact that Donald Trump has been raiding the US Treasury to line his pockets for just over two years now.
  • It is a fact that Donald Trump has been insulting a denigrating all the people who have sacrificed themselves to gather the intelligence we need to stay viable as a country.
  • It is a fact that Donald Trump has neglected the vast majority of American citizens in favor of his horde of deplorables, a group that makes up perhaps 20 percent of the electorate and which includes Nazis and white supremacists.

As I said, these are all facts. Whether or not he can be convicted in the Senate for any or all of these is open to question, but as the elected (?) leader of the Executive Branch and the acknowledged figurehead of this country around the world, the time has come to acknowledge that the Republican Party has lost its ever-loving mind by even nominating the Asshole-in-Chief and is showing benign neglect by standing behind this guy in any way, shape or form.

There is no longer an excuse. Our democracy is hanging by a thread, and it’s going to take the efforts of all righteous people standing up and shouting to end this scourge. The Russians are already trolling me, and I’m no one; I can imagine what truly important people face on a daily basis.

It’s time for ALL Democrats to grow a spine. I do agree this election cannot be all about Trump, but it absolutely IS about the Republicans and getting rid of as many as possible this time around. Not just Trump, mind you, but all of them, at every level. It’ll take a while, but we need a viable two-party system and we can’t have that while the current version of the GOP exists.

Trump is getting away with murder in the press – he always has. That means all of us who are truth tellers must shout the truth at the top of our lungs. Don’t just assume that “everyone already knows” everything Trump has done; make sure the people you are shouting to know it.

Also, make sure all of your Democratic friends and all of your favorite Democratic candidates all talk about the situation we find ourselves in. And that includes candidates for president. This is no time to treat anyone on the right with kid gloves; we have to win. And while we should talk about issues, keep in mind, the 2016 election was not about issues.

When Russians and Republicans screw with elections, they don’t deal with facts or issues. By all means, if you want to talk about climate change, fine; but you’d better also mention that Donald Trump and the entire Republican Party are climate change deniers who have undone everything that was being done to lessen the effects of climate change.

If you think college debt is the most important issue we face, that’s fine, too. I disagree, but that’s your right. And you had better mention that the main reason students face so much debt is because the Republicans in Congress and the states have cut student financial aid to the bone and they have also cut appropriations to colleges, forcing them to raise tuitions to get the money they need.

With everything that has been going on for three years by now, you have to be anti-Russia, which means we all have to be anti-Trump and anti-Republican. There is no time for fake “civility.” There is no time to be polite. We have to call out everyone who has worked against this American experiment and we can’t sugarcoat it. When someone mentions Trump’s stamp on the country and the world, stopping short of condemning all of it is insufficient. It’s time we call the dipshit a dipshit and call out everyone who supported his dipshittery.

I am disappointed in how few Democratic candidates so far seem reticent to take on Trump and the entire GOP Machine who put him there, head-on. Be a dick to him; after all, he’s been a dick to all of us. Be a dick to all Republicans as a whole; there’s no point in treating individuals that way, but as a group, sure; they’ve treated us like shit for a generation now; why are we treating them like they matter.

It is well beyond time for all of us from the center and leftward to tell the right wing to fuck off. They’ve been telling us that for a long time; why should we just take it?

The answer is, we can’t. Ignore them as individuals, but when you talk about them as a group, talk about the ways they have royally fucked this country continuously since 1980. If they get offended and whine about it, take pride in the fact that you have finally said something worthwhile.

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  1. I totally agree with you! I am really wondering what’s gonna happen and how the whole situation is going to evolve.