To the GOP: “You’re Fired!”

I don’t plan to watch the State of the Union tomorrow night. It will be the first time in my life, that I can remember. One reason is, I already know the state of the union; it’s cloudy with a chance of meatballs batshit crazy. I know this because a former TV reality show host and a lifelong dickhead is sitting in the White House and pretending he knows how to “be president,” even though he still has no idea what the job entails.

The are other reasons I can’t watch this speech.

The speech will be carefully crafted by right wing morons who are capable of sitting around a table and telling the country just how wonderful their “boss” is, even though every single one of THEM has referred to him as an idiot at least several times during his one year in office. A few of them added the modifier “fucking” to it, even. Trump will read what is on the TelePrompTer and, afterward, a series of pundits – one from each “news” network and a dozen or so from Fake News Fox – will tell us how “presidential” he looked. I mean, unless he ad libs and refers to Senator Schumer as “Chucky” again or he reads a few of his Tweets. They will do this, despite the fact that he is In no way presidential, by any yardstick. He doesn’t get to wear the moniker just because he gives one speech without completely fucking it up. And since hearing that will make me mad and my TV is relatively new and I don’t have the money to replace it, I’d rather err on the side of caution and just read about it hours after.

I should be happier about things, of course. There is a great chance this will be his only State of the Union speech. It’s even possible it will be the last speech until his resignation. And yes, I know; many people think he will never resign because of his narcissism, but I think he’ll have to because of his narcissism. I doubt he will face a trial in the Senate; he has zero courage and a trial and a guilty verdict would hurt his brand. If he can resign and skip the embarrassment, he will.

I should also be stoked because it is clearer than ever that the current Republican Party is drawing its last breaths as we speak. They are signing their own death warrant, even though many don’t seem to notice. That just makes it all the more precious. They simply refuse to go against the weakest presidential candidate they have ever nominated and the worst president in US history, and supoorting his sorry ass is causing them more damage than they could ever imagine. Hell, last week, it was revealed that Trump ordered Robert Mueller fired last June, and not a single prominent Republican has bothered to call him on that. Instead, the GOP media machine, led by Sean Hannity, denied the story until it was confirmed, and then tried to pretend it was no big deal. And this is at a time when all signs already point to a massive blue wave this November. I mean, there have already been more than two dozen Republican retirement announcements so far, yet they will not contradict Trump, nor will they even criticize him for his stupidest moves. Instead, they adopt moronic Alex Jones-style conspiracy theories and run with them and they kiss the ample asses of the Trump faithful, most of whom almost never vote.

All these insane stories about “secret societies” within the FBI? All this talk about “deep state” excesses and stories about the “gubmint” trying to kill us all? These are not the types of things designed to warm the cockles of a majority of voters. Shit; back 40-50 years ago, this type of crap was relegated to rural radio stations in the middle of the “Deep South,” and the people spouting this bullshit were considered fringe, even among rural rednecks. And that was long ago; in an age where it is okay to be a person of color, or gay, that kind of crap is even MORE fringe-worthy, besides being cringe-worthy.

I’m a lifelong liberal. Do you realize how much it pisses me off to have to defend the FBI and CIA? Yet, I have to do so, because the people who work with them are, above all, actual patriots. They are trying to protect this country, but the current version of the Republican Party and the media are turning them into cartoon characters. It’s hard to believe Republican leaders once took great pride in protecting the intelligence community from left-wing conspiracy theories. The FBI under J Edgar Hoover was a horrible organization, but it’s reformed significantly since then, and individual agents are not usually bad people. It has also been a long time since the CIA last overthrew a leader and replaced them with a US-friendly dictator. And while the FBI does lean to the right, and sometimes agents go a bit overboard and forget the Bill of Rights, they’re not generally fascists. Right now, a great many decent Republicans are rolling over in their graves, I guarantee. And their party is dying right before our eyes, as long as progressives don’t blow it.

Whereas Trump and his closest followers believe they are destroying “big government,” what is actually happening is, they are making government less efficient and less effective, which only serves to piss people off. They are also standing constitutional norms and governmental traditions on their head. Godwin’s Law has had to be suspended because valid comparisons really can be made between what’s happening now and what happened in Germany in the 1930s. And with Republicans having to fight back against charges of being like Hitler and Stalin, they can’t even begin to pay attention to governing. In one way, that’s a good thing; they are great at getting enough voters to stay home to allow them to steal elections, but they truly suck at actual governance. It’s no wonder; how can anyone govern well, when their central theme is that government can’t possibly work and do anything for the people?

What is really sad is, while Trump and the cronies and lickspittle faithful in the White House are in full panic mode, most in the Republican Party are not feeling the same pressure. They should be. If they cared about the country (they don’t), and they cared about running the government and doing right by the American people, they would be in full panic mode, as well. The simplest way to take the pressure off would be to pass articles of impeachment, which would be very easy right now. However, the Republican Party won’t even think about it. There are rumors that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is considering retirement. Apparently, these snowflakes would rather quit than stand up to a “president” who has virtually zero political power and absolutely zero political skills.

If the GOP wants to know how to begin a recovery, the answer is actually quite easy. First of all, they need to re-take the oath of office they took last January. Then, they need to actually fulfill that promise, to support and defend the Constitution. There is no way anyone in government should stand by, watch and do nothing when a “president” orders virtually everyone in his Cabinet, as well as many people working in federal agencies, to take a loyalty oath to him. They do not work for him, they work for us, just as he does. They certainly shouldn’t sit back and watch as that same “president” fires an FBI Director and orders an end to an investigation of his national security adviser, who has since pleaded guilty to a crime.

In other words, there is plenty of evidence now to impeach Trump. We don’t have to wait for Mueller; the evidence is there now. I mean, Lord Donny admitted to Lester Holt of NBC that he obstructed justice when he fired Comey. He also made the same admission to a Russian foreign minister and the Russian ambassador to the United States. It’s on the record. Let’s be clear; Republicans are complicit in everything that makes Trump the worst president in American history. At the first signs of incompetence, congressional Republicans should have walked the mile or so to the White House and taught Lord Donny about his job and, when he continued to show an inability to do the job, thye should have begun impeachment. Incompetence is a valid grounds for impeachment; after all, that’s the actual definition of “misdemeanors” used in the Constitution.

The Republican Party is dying, and I couldn’t be happier. However, they’ve come back from the dead before, so our job is still the same; encourage higher turnout during the primaries and in the General Election and out them out of our misery.

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To the GOP: “You’re Fired!” — 4 Comments

  1. The rest of the world is having trouble understanding Americans. The preponderance of the barely literate who realize that Trump thinks like them so they vote for him is a worry. You really deserve him as American “democracy voted for him but those of us in the free world who suffer, because of the actions of this short sighted idiot who lacks any depth of thought, are the real losers.

  2. The American constitution guarantees all citizens the right to bear arms. The American constitution guarantees all citizens the right to own a motor vehicle. But, each individual vehicle must be registered and each individual operator must be licenced to operate a vehicle. Even the gun lobby would agree with these restrictions on motor vehicle use and ownership.
    For the safety of all other citizens, to be consistent, we should agree with the same restrictions be placed on gun users and on the guns themselves. This would not remove the right to bear arms. But it would give protection against irresponsible owners and operators mush as the restrictions on vehicle use wound intend to do. Let us be consistent.
    Brian Gillespie

  3. I wish your opinion was a consensus at some other sites I’d rather not mention. Over there, it’s paranoid crybaby land over McCabe and a lot of your arguments would be met with “Russian hacking” and other “the fix is in” rants. Ah, the liberal blogosphere-where the paranoid crybabies of the left meet, greet and eat.

    • I agree with you. Sometimes after I get depressed with the MSM and the supposed Liberal media outlets I stop in here and read a couple of Milt’s posts. I can’t say I feel better but his posts at least make me feel like someone out there is able to offer clear knowledgeable opinions about this horrible political muck we are in. The Right chews Liberals up and then the Left finishes the job by eating its own. The Right owns Trump and all the destruction of our country’s institutions like the DOJ but the Left had a part in helping these evil people into power and they don’t seem to get it still. Now that most of the Republican establishment has gone full Trump perhaps this will be the start of their end. It seems this memo release is getting broadly panned but the MSM never really takes off the gloves when criticizing Trump. Will they ever? Hope it is not too late.