Today’s a Big Day, But It Shouldn’t Be…

If anyone reading this blog post doesn’t know that two runoffs for the US Senate are happening today, turn in your “political junkie” card today.

The hysteria is near-complete, even though these run-offs have only happened because, at least in part, a whole lot of “progressives” decided that the Senate was no big deal, or that Democrat Jon Ossoff isn’t “progressive enough.” Reverend Raphael Warnock largely gets a pass from the professional left because he’s Black, so his special election run has been consecrated by the pro left for two reasons; he’s black and he was essentially hand-picked by the estimable John Lewis.

Can you see the problem? On the one hand, self-described “progressives” absolutely hate “Moscow Mitch” McConnell, and they claim to hate everything he does, but when it comes to replacing him, which can now only happen if Democrats win both runoffs, he must be replaced by a qualified “progressive,” based on their (very narrow) definition.

I hope everyone reading this understands how profoundly stupid that attitude is. If we win both of these races today, we will accomplish three things. First, we will oust McConnell from the Senate Leadership, which the Republican Russian asset has shown is absolutely necessary, if we’re to reclaim our universal healthcare structure and also recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.

And the third reason? We can continue to reclaim a state as blue, after assuming it was irretrievably red and would never vote Democratic again. Of course, that’s absurd; we can win every state in every election, as long as we play politics as if we live in a democracy. However, it’s still nice to see it in practice. I currently live in Arizona, and we have TWO Democratic Senators now, which every “progressive” here thought was impossible, even though our Senate delegation was split for many years. It’s been a long time since we’ve had even one Democratic Senator, but it’s looking like we could have two of them for a while nw because Democrats got smart and nominated candidates who appeal to a majority; a concept that self-described “progressives” always seem to have a problem accepting.

That, of course, has to stop. Professional lefties and self-proclaimed “progressives” who seem to think every Democratic candidate has to be a full-blown, hardcore liberal to be worthy of bring called a Democrat and also worthy of getting their vote. Look at the left-wing “blogosphere,” so named by one Arianna Huffington, who was once married to and strongly supported right-wing candidate Michael Huffington and whose claim of progressive “credentials” is absurd, given that she started The Huffington Post largely on the backs of professional left writers and refused to pay them.

That seems to be a hallmark of the pro left; they take money from anyone who will give them some, and they proceed to demand that Democrats act like right wingers to gain on Republicans. This won’t work in the real world; when voters see right-wingers acting like dicks, they reject them. When they see liberals acting like dicks, they don’t give us a pass because we’re “progressive.” The vast majority of the American people don’t want dickheads running the government, no matter what they claim their intentions are.

And, if we’re being frank here, the average voter has little or no idea what we on the left stand for, anyway. We have a lot of slogans and we glom onto the most fashionable gimmicks to solve problems, but we don’t seem to stand for anything, really. It’s why we rarely win elections and it’s why Democrats always seem to be playing catch-up, even though Democrats and Republicans are the only viable alternatives in 99 percent of elections, and the current Republican Party seems to prefer Russians to Americans and think Saudi Arabia is a good friend to the United States.

In many ways, the reason the GOP gained seats in the House and control of the Senate will come down to today’s runoff is because the professional left doesn’t understand basic politics, yet acts as if they’re smarter than anyone. They seem to believe white liberals are in the position to trash Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden and get progressive things done for the country. That belief is mistaken. The best we can actually hope for is to appeal to a majority of Americans and then influence those who get elected to do the right thing.

The fact of the matter is, no one knows what we think abut much of anything. All most voters see is a bunch of right wing politicians being complete dicks to “liberals,” followed by far left “progressives” reacting to them and being dicks back. They see the far right saying stupid, racist shit about the economy, followed by our side saying stupid shit about the economy, and being largely just as racist.

There is no way we should ever need to pour shit tons of money into a double-race like the one in Georgia we are dealing with today. There are two viable political parties in virtually every race in every election, and one of those is an incredibly corrupt GOP. Consider this; the 2020 election saw the highest turnout in modern history, and yet, the Democratic Party lost seats in the House and, though Republicans had more to lose than Democrats in the Senate, Democrats only gained one seat.

A key reason for that is, to many n the professional left and the self-proclaimed white “real progressives” need perfection, which is impossible. Stop doing that, and we can do away with the current GOP, and make this country the progressive (real progress, not the dream state that many “progressives” pretend is iconic) nation we have all dreamed of.

Of course, you need to support Warnock and Ossoff, and if you live in Georgia, you need to vote for them. However, our side also has to learn how voters think and they have to stop shooting the progressive movement in the foot, or the ass, or wherever. This election was a fair start, but it has to be repeated on and on for a long time.

Go Jon!
Go Rev. Raphael Warnock!

Now, let’s not let this happen again. Runoffs are difficult to win. We have to learn to win the first time.

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