Today’s First Step: Get Rid of the Assholes!

It's time to change
the world…


But the only way
that can happen is if every single person in this country votes to make that
change. Yes, sometimes it's difficult to vote. Sometimes there are long lines,
sometimes there are people there to intimidate you. The day itself — Tuesday
— might have been a great idea 221 years ago, but it truly sucks now. But you
have to vote; there are no acceptable excuses.


A few things to

  • Election day is November 4,
    not the 5th.
  • If you are registered to vote
    where you happen to be at this particular moment, you have the right to
    vote.  The Supreme Court has ruled
    that college students can vote where they're going to school.
  • The only time police will be
    called to a polling place is if an actual crime happens at that polling
    place; police do not show up at precincts to make arrests on outstanding
  • Your employer must allow you
    enough time to vote on Election Day.
  • Polls in most places are open
    as early as 7 AM, and as late as 8 PM.
  • You cannot vote by phone.
  • If you know you're
    registered, and a poll worker denies you the vote, you have the right to
    see an election judge immediately, and unless there is an absolute, stated
    legal reason why you have been denied your right to vote, he has to allow
    you to vote. Take your registration card, and make them tell you why
    you're not allowed to vote.  If you
    have any problems beyond that, call
    1-866-OUR-VOTE, and report it to get legal help.


It has never been
more important to vote against the government we've been stuck with for the
last eight years or more. Not only is our economy in the dumper, but we're in a
very precarious position with regard to foreign policy and our relations around
the globe. We need a reform movement, unlike anything we’ve seen in our
lifetimes, and we need to be at the forefront of it.


But the reform
movement doesn't begin and end with Barack Obama, so don't think that, just
because he's ahead, you don't need to vote. For one thing, he hasn't won
anything yet; all of us who think he may win in a landslide are actually just
blowing smoke  until votes are actually
cast and counted.


Just as important as
Obama winning by a very wide margin, and thus creating a mandate for the
changes he represents, are the down-ticket races. I don't care if you live in
the reddest or bluest state in the union, you have to make it known that you
refuse to allow the right wingers to continue to sentence this country to a
slow death. If you're not motivated to vote for Obama, then vote for anyone who
can help send the right wingers packing. 
For example, if you live in Texas, where Obama is something of a
longshot, you can still vote for him, and a bunch of Democrats for House and
Senate, as well.  If you live in the
tenth district of Texas, for example, get excited for Rick Noriega, even though
Obama's chance of winning Texas is extremely unlikely. Likewise, in Kentucky,
you could get rid of Mitch McConnell, one of the biggest right wing bastards in
the Senate, even though Obama is unlikely to win the state.


(A note about that
one; Bruce Lunsford isn't exactly a progressive, but his election would give
Democrats the 60 votes it needs to stop filibusters, and if he wants to get
anything done for his constituents and even think about reelection, he'll have
to play ball with the majority Democrats on most issues.)


In California, I
don't give a rat's ass that Obama's probably going to win by 20 points, and you
could conceivably find out he won election by dinner time today; you have to
vote in droves, in order to pass Proposition 5, a much needed prison reform
package, and you really need to vote no on Proposition 8, which would put
discrimination into the state constitution, by telling people who they can and
cannot marry.


Look, this is the
beginning of a reform movement, people; not everything will happen all at once.
But if we are to make anything happen, we have to get out, en masse, and not
let anyone or anything stop us from voting. In fact, we need to reform the voting
process, so that the things we now worry about, like caging, purging and all
sorts of voter suppression, will never happen again, and the only way to ensure
that is to show up in massive numbers and get rid of the assholes.


That's the first
step in any reform, you know; get rid of the assholes.

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