Tomorrow is IT: One Last Question for Trump Voters: Why?

Okay, this is the last column before Election Day, and I have to ask this one more time: if you’re voting for Donald Trump, why? What possible reason can you provide for that decision?

I’ve heard them all, ya know, and all of them are pure crap.

For example, I have been told by Trumpers that he “tells it like it is.” The problem with that is, we have Trump on record laying to the American people tens of thousands of times in less than four years. According to The Washington Post, he’s told more than 23 lies per day since he became “president.”

I have also heard – mostly from Trump himself – that Trump has been a monster on the economy, which is another load of crap. In fact, it used to be standard Republican orthodoxy that presidents don’t build an economy and they certainly don’t influence the stock market. Yet, the stock market is Trump’s major touchstone when he decides to take credit for the economy. Using the stock market as an indicator, assuming the above is just another Trump/GOP lie, Trump’s performance hasn’t been bad, but Obama’s performance was a lot more impressive. Since Trump swore his oath during his poorly-attended inauguration, the stock market is up about 30% or so. That’s pretty good, but he always talks about “setting records.” Unfortunately, when you inherit a healthy economy, you are supposed to set records, and to do so constantly. The 30% increase would be impressive under normal circumstances, but it’s nothing when compared to the fact that the stock market nearly tripled in value during Obama’s two terms. As even a moron like Trump can see, a 30% increase in four years is not impressive when compared with the 200% increase in eight years that happened during Obama’s time in the White House.

Trump is now trying to brag about how he’s “rebuilding the economy” after the COVID-19 recession, and he’s actually taking credit for the 33.1% increase in GDP over the past month or two. The only problem with that is, the GDP is still far lower than it was and the unemployment rate is still at its highest point since the Republican near-depression of 2008. Yeah, that’s another “indicator” Trump and his cultists like to point to as a way to show what an economic stud he is. The problem is, during his campaign, he asserted that the unemployment rate is bogus, and the actual unemployment rate is at least 10 times the number reported. And Trump has done nothing to change the calculation so far, so why isn’t it still 10 times higher in reality? See above; the part about the constant lying.

The most you can say about Trump’s record on the economy is that he didn’t do anything to collapse the GDP until he completely botched the reaction to the Coronavirus outbreak. He failed to stem the pandemic and he failed to offer medical personnel the support they needed in the form of personal protective equipment (PPE). He also downplayed the virus to the public and discouraged mask-wearing, out of some childish belief that people who wear masks were “pussies” or some such nonsense. If there was something to fuck up when the virus came to our shores, Trump fucked it up. Now, some have made the case that Obama’s Administration went a little overboard in their reaction to Ebola, but you know what? Ebola never became a problem. A total of two Americans contracted ebola and none died from it. There were also no economic shutdowns and no one had to wear a mask to prevent the spread. Therefore, a case could be made that going overboard is preferable to doing nothing.

Which brings up the next load of crap that Trumpers feed me when rationalizing their support of Trump. They say he’s a “tough guy” who protects the people. The reality is this; Trump is the biggest coward to ever hold the office. He claims he stands up to China, but that’s not true. He put tariffs in place on Chinese goods, sure, but the Chinese don’t pay those, Americans do, unless the Chinese manufacturers decide to eat the extra cost. When Trump speaks to or about President Tsi of China, he is always complementary and brags about what a great relationship they have. Does this sound like a “tough guy” to you? If he really thinks the Chinese are screwing us and stealing all of our jobs, he should stay so to Chinese leaders, and he should not be two-faced about it.

There is nothing “tough” about Donald Trump. He’s like the typical redneck Trump supporter, who will always tell his friends what “thugs” liberals are, but who will never say anything to the “thug” liberals. Trump’s latest ads are full of crap and perpetuate lies about liberals; a “tough guy” doesn’t have to lie to old people and the physically informed. “Tough guys” don’t cry and hide from reporters who don’t toe the line and others who aren’t completely loyal to him. “Tough guys” in government also understand that “loyalty” to the country is more important than loyalty to him, personally, and Trump doesn’t understand that.

“Tough guys” also don’t assign childish names to people they don’t like and they certainly don’t threaten First Responders who are trying to keep Trump supporters from keeling over in the heat. I hope you Trump voters heard about that incident. You see, Trump was holding one of his Super Spreader rallies in Tampa, Florida last week. It was in the middle of the day, and very hot. A fire truck manned with firefighters noticed a small number of attendees who fainted from the heat and they started misting water on the crowd, to keep them cool. Trump felt a couple of drops of water hit him and he asked if the people sprinkling the water were “friend or foe,” as if firefighters could ever be “foes.” He then told his crowd to “take them out” if they turned out not to be “friends,” ands called them “sons of bitches.” Yeah, that sounds like a “tough guy” president, doesn’t it? Threatening people who have dedicated their careers to saving lives and calling them “sons of bitches” sure is the move of a fake “tough guy,” isn’t it?

If you think that kind of behavior marks a “tough guy,” how do you make it out of the sports bar with dry jeans, dude? That’s just pathetic. Trump is the opposite of “tough.” Someone who is strong is able to tell people what they need to know, rather than what he thinks they want to hear. Strong people don’t lie to anyone, but especially people who support them. Yet, Trump lies to everyone, especially his supporters.

He can’t handle criticism, and he has an overwhelming need for everyone to adore him; otherwise, he can’t function. If you want a truly tough president, you had one in Obama, and you’ll have another with Biden. Biden started his political career just days after his wife and daughter were killed in a tractor-trailer accident, and he has spent nearly 50 years working for the average working person. Compare that with Trump, who has spent 8 years working for no one but himself.

And one last thing; Trump has not kept any of the promises he made to you. He has not led the way on job creation, for example. Any jobs that have been created have been incidental. And we know this because it’s not possible to point to any policy change that has caused businesses to create jobs. Manufacturing jobs have not risen in the last four years, and many of his Tweets may have actually had the opposite effect. He has called for a lot of boycotts of American companies who didn’t toe the Trump line. Again, does that sound like a “tough guy”? Really? Based on what?

If you’re voting for Trump, whether for the first time, or for the second time, you are merely showing everyone how incredibly gullible you are, and nothing more. You are voting for one of the greatest bullshit artists in the history of American politics.

And you know how the saying goes; “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” If you’re voting for Trump and not feeling shame, there’s something seriously wrong with you.

You have been warned.


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