Too Much “Winning”?

Back when he was running for president in 2015-2016, one of Donald J. Trump’s most popular boasts was that, as “president,” the United States would be “winners” so often that we would get tired of winning. He won through a fluke and considerable cheating, which means Hillary Clinton actually won the 2016 election, but he took over as “dear leader” and proceeded to change everything about how government works; and not just the bad things.

Essentially, Trump proved himself to be exactly what we envisioned during his campaign; a narcissistic know-it-all who actually has no idea what his job is supposed to be. That may sound like anti-Trump hyperbole, but it really isn’t. It has been clear as a bell that Donny has no clue what a president is supposed to do, and he proves it every time he says something stupid, like “Article 2 says I can do anything I want.” Not only does it NT say that, but no single section of the Constitution works unilaterally; even if Article 2 DID say something like that, Article 1 (which sets out the powers of Congress) says otherwise.

The most important question, however, is, if we were supposed to see so much “winning” as to get sick of winning, the logical question is, when does the “winning” start? We’re more than three years in now; surely the winning should have started by now. And yet, the only thing we have “won” so far is a government that has shown itself incapable of handling anything more difficult than demanding undying loyalty from all Americans to a “president” who envisions himself the “Boss of America.” And let’s be clear; he’s only handled demanding loyalty; he actually receives little. He likes to blame Democrats for every nefarious activity that he claims undermines him, but most of the damaging leaks come from inside the White House. It wouldn’t even be surprising is most leaks come from him. After all, a lot of them seem to come from his wisdom-free Twitter feed.

He’s been really bad from the beginning, but his incompetence has only been completely unavoidable when it came to mitigating the growth of the coronavirus pandemic within our borders. It’s been clear from the beginning that Trump and his mangy band of loyalists have never had an idea what they’re supposed to do. It’s not even clear they know what Covid-19 is, given their tendency to point to their 2018 “National Biodefense Strategy” as proof that they have been taking steps against the spread of disease from within our borders for y8ears now. This, despite the fact that the “National Biodefense Strategy” has little to do with the Coronavirus outbreak. The Strategy was also ordered by Congress as part of the 2017 NDAA, which means it’s not even accurate to say the Trump Administration initiated any action that wasn’t ordered by a co-equal branch of government.

Trump and his minions also like to claim they have been active in stopping Covid-19 since early January, even though there is no evidence of such a thing the record. In fact, the first US case of the coronavirus was reported on the third anniversary of Trump’s pathetically-attended inauguration; the same day it was reported that 18,241 lies had been verified in a Washington Post database. This is another example of Trump’s amazing incompetence; he thinks we believe everything he says when that is only true of his most fanatical followers. How competent is someone who thinks he is believed by most Americans, despite the facts that have been laid out for more than three years?

Suffice it to say that, at this point, few Americans feel as if they are “winning” with Trump in charge. And one thing is for sure; we can’t afford for him to “win” again. When Donny was made “president,” we were among the largest and most prestigious countries in the world. Now, we’re seen as a laughing stock. As bad as some of our past presidents have been, no one has ever before asked, “What is wrong with the United States?”

Now, it’s probably the number one question asked about us, along with, “what happened to their democracy?” And “Why do they seem to have given up their leadership on the world stage?” And “Can they recover?”

The answer to that last one is, “Yes, of course, we can, but…”

We have to recover, but we can’t expect anyone else to do it for us. No matter how you feel about any Democrat, no single Democrat can save us; we all have to do it. We can’t handle anymore of what Donald Trump and the entire Republican Party considers to be “winning.”

What is “winning”? Well, Trump took the initiative on North Korea, at first denigrating Kim Jong Un as “Rocket Man” and threatening to kill him, and then switched over to becoming his “lover” and expressing his admiration for him. Now, Kim is firing more missiles than ever and he plays Trump like an overused fiddle.

And how about Russia? Are we supposedly “winning” with them? It’s bad enough that Trump apparently sat back and did nothing as Vladimir Putin and Russian intelligence officials and oligarchs apparently took over his campaign and helped him cheat to win, but there is plenty of evidence that he has been helping them for many years and that Putin is ordering Donny to bend to his will to this day. Is there anything more pathetic than Trump’s joint press conference with Putin in Helsinki? I mean, this person, the alleged “president of the United States,” sided with Putin and against United States Intelligence, who are among the most loyal patriots in our nation. Read this transcript and tell me this is “winning’ for our country. (Source)

There are so many other examples. For one thing, he’s been pillaging the Treasury to go on his weekly golf outings at HIS named resorts, which means that we American taxpayers are paying him directly to be able to play golf. When Saudi Arabian officials murdered and dismembered a journalist for an American news organization and then claimed innocence, Trump gave them their cover, claiming that Khashoggi and his family deserved nothing because “they weren’t Americans.”

Are we “winning” when we are called out by Human Rights activists because of our horrible treatment of immigrants, including tearing children away from their parents and tossing them in jails and foster homes? Are we “winning” when we ban Muslims from even entering the country because they’re Muslim?

We are losers, as long as we have Donald Trump or anyone else who is in no way qualified for office to stain our highest office. We can and must get him the hell out of there. We obviously can’t get rid of him now, with the current Republican Party essentially sanctioning everything he does as good and proper, so we’ll have to do it on November 3, when we can do it ourselves.

Let’s get rid of Trump, add 20-30 Democrats to the House and win Democrats at least 60 seats in the Senate. That way, we can truly “Drain the Swamp” and undo most of the shit the Swamp Creatures in the GOP have done so far. It might take a while, but we have to start the process.

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