Traitor For Congress, Alabama Second District?

Rick Barber. Remember that name. (And no, this is not the longtime radio talk show host at KOA in Denver. He could never be this stupid.)

This asshole is running for Congress. In the United States
of America. Yes, last I checked, Alabama was still a state, and had a
significant number of sane people living there. 

Keep in mind as you watch this campaign video; this guy is running for a
seat in the United States Congress, representing  just under a million people. No, a million AMERICANS. 

 I’m going to ask this question again; why do so many right
wingers wish to turn this country into a clone of the old Soviet Union, and why the hell do we have to
listen to them? If this guy is in fact running this ad on the public airwaves, why are
we allowing this? Yes, I am for free speech, but this isn’t about free speech;
it’s about treason, folks. This guy is advocating armed rebellion against the government because he doesn't like the "progressive tax code." This, despite the fact that he was apparently quiet as a church mouse while his fellow neocons basically trashed the progressive part of the tax code. 

The sick goddamn thing about this is, these idiots think
they’re being rational. They truly believe the historical revisionist horseshit
they’ve been taught, and they believe their bullshit actually makes sense. If
this guy thinks the Founders revolted and committed treasonous acts against
the crown because of a goddamn tea tax, to say he’s woefully ignorant is being kind. The phrase “taxation
without representation” should come to mind, right? Think about that famous phrase from the revolution, and understand; they weren't bitching about the taxation; they were bitching about the lack of representation.
Inherent in that phrase is the inference that taxation WITH representation
would have been okay.

Does Barber really think there were no taxes at the founding
of this country? Really? That must be why Article I, Section 8 BEGINS with the

Section 8 
Powers of Congress

The Congress shall have Power To
lay and collect Taxes, Duties,
 Imposts and Excises,
to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general
 Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United

Funny that, after all that war over a TEA TAX(!), the
first thing the new government would do is to charge Congress with creating new
taxes. Of course, the war wasn't over a 

Now, before I get to the truly offensive aspect of this ad,
let’s address some of the other falsehoods;

  • ·       Barber can’t impeach the president. He can
    submit articles of impeachment, of course, but they are subject to majority rule.
    And that’s the thing Barber seems to hate the most; he hates democracy.
  • ·       The IRS works for us. It was created by us, and
    can be dismantled by us at any time. See, when these people bitch about the
    government, what they’re actually bitching about is the fact that they don’t
    have the majority. When our children complain like this, we call it whining;
    then adult right wingers running for Congress do it, we call it “campaigning.”
  • ·       Businesses have to report income, and they have
    to report wages or payments to other people so that they can report income and
    pay taxes. Businesspeople go into business voluntarily, and they are aware of
    the rules when they sign up. If they don’t want to follow the rules that
    everyone else does, they can choose not to open a business.
  • ·       The IRS is not forcing anyone to buy health
    insurance. The way the law works will be thusly; everyone who can afford it
    will be asked to buy health insurance. If they choose not to, they will pay a
    tax that will go into a fund that will be used to pay their bill when that
    ignorant bonehead gets sick or into an accident and needs health care, so that
    the rest of us aren’t stuck paying his bill for him. Businesses will now have
    to work from a level playing field, and provide health insurance to their
    employees, and pay most of the cost. If they choose not to, however, their only
    penalty is an extra tax, in order to pay the medical bills of their employees
    when they get sick or injured. If Barber wants to blame someone for provisions
    like this, he should blame the business community; they’re the ones who started
    the tradition whereby almost everyone who has health insurance gets it from
    their employer. Once again, a right winger whines about having to do that which
    almost every other business already does. They just can’t stand not getting their
    way in a democracy.

Again; the guy’s running for CONGRESS. That's the Congress of the United States of America, by the way. In other words, he’s running to serve
in the same government he seems to think needs to be overthrown. And that’s the
most offensive and sickening aspect of this ad; this idiot is actually  advocating revolution. He’s advocating for
armed insurrection because he doesn’t like the income tax and health insurance
reform, all of which were passed by a majority and can be done away with a

What else can “gather your armies” mean? He’s pissed off at
the mere fact that he has to pay taxes and follow rules, and he’s advocating
overthrowing the government because he doesn’t like the result of a democratic
process in which we the people get to decide who we want to represent us and
what we want them to do with that representation. The mere suggestion that
someone who is running to represent the people of his district advocates the
violent overthrow of our government is and should be offensive as hell to
everyone concerned.

We used to call that treason. Has that definition changed? Has it really become okay for someone running for Congress to advocate for the overthrow of the government he's running for office in? How cynical have we become, anyway?

I know a lot of you find these “Tea Party” idiots funny. I find them an endless source of entertainment, as well. But there is a line, and
Rick Barber has crossed it. If you have a problem with the tax code, then
campaign on a platform of reforming it and making it easier for everyone. But
to campaign on a seeming promise to “gather armies” and overthrow the system by
force is irresponsible and actually goes against “that” which he points to in
the ad and claims he swore an oath to defend with his life.

I’m getting really sick of these dipshits. 

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