Trump and the London Terror Response

First of all, my heart goes out to the people of London this morning, after a series of attacks by assholes who claim affinity with extremists last night.  As of this morning, seven were killed and about 50 or so were injured. It’s a tragedy, to be sure.

British PM Theresa May came out last night and immediately tried to bring calm to the people of London. She refused to jump to the conclusion that it was the fault of terrorist extremists and instead waited until there had been an investigation. So far, London and UK law enforcement killed three of the perps and they have arrested 12 others. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, Tweeted the following in the wake of the London Bridge tragedy:

This is leadership. Mayor Khan tried to reassure the people of London and let them know that the cowards who attack innocent people will never win and that they should not allow tragedies like this to take over their lives and leave them scared.

On this side of the “pond,” however, something different was happening. Our “fearless leader” upheld a Republican tradition, in which it is common to use tragedies for political gain. This is what Lord Donny Tweeted last night:

Yes, that’s right. To Trump, being “smart, vigilant and tough” means running screaming like a little girl confronted with a monster. But that’s not the worst part. Imagine a “leader” using a tragedy claiming dozens of casualties in another country to advocate for a law that two courts have struck down as unconstitutional? Do note, however; though he has been denying that his executive orders are, in fact, bans, he is now calling it exactly that.

That Tweet actually came BEFORE the following Tweet:

Put simply, Lord Donny actually put his fearmongering and his political agenda ahead of his (pretend) compassion for the victims of the London attack. Why are more people not embarrassed by this crap? This is just another in a long string of embarrassing incidents, but Trump voters still support this guy. How is that possible?

Trump’s fearmongering came to a boil this morning, however. Again, All of his morning Tweets push his political agenda. Or rather, they push the political agenda of right wing talk radio listeners, with an eye on increasing his approval numbers:

What in there HELL does “political correctness” have to do with terrorism?

Oh, that’s right! We’re supposed to call them “Islamic Extremists” because that will magically end all terrorism. Getting “smart” would include not helping terrorist groups with their recruiting efforts by demonizing brown people and Muslims.  Getting “smart” would be living our lives as we always have and thus poking these assholes in the eye daily. Instead, our “leadership” encourages us to cower in fear. You think I’m exaggerating? Read his next Tweets:

See? There is no reason to be “alarmed.” There is plenty of reason to be alert and observant and to make sure you report suspicious people to the authorities, but what the hell good does “alarm” do? We’ve all seen the videos of how Londoners withstood the London Blitz in World War II. Can anyone imagine Winston Chiurchill telling Londoners, “Be afraid.Be very afraid.”? Instead, British officials acted in a rational manner and they did what they could to alleviate fear, not stoke it. Stoking fear, while it seems to be a Republican tradition, does no one any good. In fact, the root word of “terrorism” is, well, “terror,” which is another name for “fear.” In other words, the GOAL of the terrorists is to scare the shit out of us. Good leadership in the face of terrorism would be to thumb their noses at the terrorists.

And really, the dig at Mayor Khan is nothing short of unseemly. Whether it’s because the Mayor is “liberal” (gasp!) or has a Muslim name (GASP!), it is completely inappropriate. Mayor Khan is doing the right thing. If you disagree with that, Lord Donny, then shut up about it. This is most certainly not a time for politics.

Of course, a Trump Tweetstorm wouldn’t be complete without yet another play to his “base,” so he threw this one out at the end:

That one is so stupid, it’s hard to believe even he believes this nonsense. However, the gunloons on the far right who voted for it will lap it up like a kitten and a saucer of milk. First of all, if yesterday was an average American day, 88 people were killed with guns and another 120 were injured by guns. That is quite a lot of damage; a lot more than the London terrorist attack. Also, imagine if the UK didn’t have gun control. How much damage could those terrorists have done with a couple of semi-automatics with 30-round clips.

Our government doesn’t have a leader right now. The Orange Toddler is a reactionary idiot with little to no common sense. In the terrorism fight, the goal is to fight terror, not embrace it.  Republicans don’t want you to know that. And Trump is Republican Number One.  Trump is afraid of one thing; not being able to delude himself into believing people like him.

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