Trump: Dead Man Walking? We Can’t Afford to Think So

I have been saying all along that Donald Trump is not running for president because he wants to be president. All of us thought he would have a snowball’s chance in hell because we figured the GOP and the RNC had the means to stop him. I am convinced that the prospect of becoming president scares Trump to death, and he has been desperately trying to get people to stop voting for him. The guy doesn’t have any political sense, but no one can possibly be that ignorant, right?

During the primaries, at one time or another, at the same time he was repeating Republican orthodoxy in his speeches and interviews, he was also sprinkling in some rhetoric that would have gotten any other GOP candidate in a previous election thrown out in a second. The problem was, the people who are his biggest fans are more anarchists than anything and they like anything that smacks of anti-government, so the shit he was spouting wasn’t turning off his largest base of support, it was attracting them.

However, since the convention, which was the most dystopian pageant in the history of American politics, again indicating that he’s not trying to become president, he has been making one stupid “mistake” after another. He has virtually no campaign to speak of. He has almost no staff, and certainly no staff with any sort of political chops. Paul Manafort? Really? The same guy who was asked yesterday if the Trump campaign was in disarray and responded by saying, “look at the crowds!”

But most importantly, Trump is seemingly desperate to make sure he loses. That would be perfectly okay, except that the Republican Party, whose standard he is bearing, wants to salvage at least a small measure of dignity from this election. They will be losing the Senate, and there is a better-than-even chance that they will lose the House. However, the way Trump is handling things, Reince Priebus is really worried. He’s no longer chain eating Tums, he now has an antacid drip attempting to prevent his stomach from exploding.

Consider what’s happened just within the last few days.

When he was asked about sexual harassment, Trump told a reporter it should be “up to the individual” and suggested that, if Ivanka, his daughter, had been sexually harassed, he would hope that she would just change careers and be done with it and that, somehow, “strong women” don’t allow themselves to be harassed. While we all know the GOP doesn’t really care about sexual harassment or women, their politicians usually have the good sense to not advocate for it or blame it on the woman, publicly.

Trump has also pretty much shit on a pillar of the GOP’s phony “patriotic” meme, which is demonstrated by an open admiration for the troops. I mean, we all know they don’t mean it, given that they don’t actually do anything for military people except scream, “Thank you for your service,” but Trump has openly trashed a Gold Star family, which is beyond the pale for even the hypocritical GOP. He also attempted to blame Obama and Clinton for the death of Humayan Khan, which would be impossible, since Khan died in 2004, when Republicans Bush and Cheney were in charge. This is doubly bad for the GOP, politically, because it not only has their titular party leader trashing the family of a hero, but it also turns attention to Bush. You may have noticed that the Bush name wasn’t mentioned during the RNC. There’s a reason for that. Trump then exacerbated this by claiming that he “always wanted” a Purple Heart, but that being given one by a fan was “much easier,” thus highlighting his chickenhawk-ishness, which is a Republican sore point, given that they have so many of them.

He’s not doing well within his adopted party, either. He refused to endorse either John McCain, claiming that he “has not done a good job for the vets.” He also refused to support Paul Ryan or Kelly Ayotte in their races. His refusal for his usual childish reason, saying that “she has given me zero support.”

That doesn’t even mention the rally where Trump threw out a crying baby or his recommendation that everyone pull their 401(k) money out of the stock market. The recommendation wasn’t to abanson their investment in the Trump Taj Mahal Casino, or stock in Trump University, but the entire stock market.

But the topper on Trump’s “really, really bad week” is the current President of the United States, who is very competent, saying that the orange gawd is “unfit.” On its own, that would be devastating, but to underscore what he meant, Obama added that he didn’t think his previous Republican opponents were in no way “unfit.” No matter how people feel about Obama, many people sitting on the fence jumped off.

It’s obvious Trump has no intention of winning. It’s also obvious that the GOP believes  he can’t win and could potentially drag the party completely into the sewer. To say that this is an unusual election is like saying Donald Trump is an atypical candidate. The question now is, how soon before Trump drops out and, if he doesn’t, will he give his party a chance to do their best to recover from the massive damage?

It doesn’t matter if Trump drops out or not. We can’t be complacent. If you can’t see the advantage to flooding the government with as many Democrats as possible, to replace as many Republicans as possible, then you’re hopeless. Defeat them all. Now.

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