Trump Fails Daily

Just some random thoughts, to get myself back into crap cutting mode. These are mostly reflections on stories from the last couple days.

Donny on Markets

For the last few months, Lord Donny has been bragging on the stock market, as if the reason the market is flying high is because of his amazing stewardship of the ship of state. He apparently believes that is causing the “irrational exuberance” in the market right now. Of course, most of us with functioning brains know this is ridiculous, since Trump has done absolutely nothing since January 20 that would have a positive affect on the economy. There are a few out there who are hoping he’ll do everything he promised to do during the campaign, and they might be bolstering the market a bit, but just wait until he fails with tax cuts for the rich, which is inevitable.

Trump and the GOP, despite using massive cheating to make sure they took over the entire government, have done nothing so far. And given that they spent the entire two-year presidential campaign railing about the dystopian nightmare that was present under Obama, they sure as shit aren’t treating fixing the economy as an emergency.

In other words, what you are seeing in the stock market is a continuation of the bull market that has been present since President Obama ended the recession more than 7 years ago. It’s impossible to point to anything Trump has done, besides getting elected and promising rich people the ability to get even richer without having to pay their own way.

Put simply, Trump has failed at everything he’s tried since he was inaugurated and he’s taking credit for Obama’s successes. His lickspittle followers don’t notice because they won’t see anything that the right wing media chooses not to tell them.

Know what else Fox News won’t tell them?

Donny’s Failure in Puerto Rico

The crisis in Puerto Rico right now represents the worst failure in the history of the United States presidency. It is a humanitarian crisis that most people in the United States can’t grasp because it’s never happened before. Yes, George W. Bush and the Republican Congress tore a hole in FEMA and made it completely ineffective, which was clear in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. However, President Obama had FEMA running like a clock by the time the country was hit with massive devastation following some of the worst tornado outbreaks in history and Superstorm Sandy. Even Donny’s buddy, Chris Christie gave Obama high marks in his response to Sandy. He was able to get the Republican Congress to commit the money necessary to fix everything.

Under Trump, FEMA and the Trump Administration in general is failing miserably. They seem to have been able to assist Florida and Texas, both of which Trump “won” last year, but they haven’t done anything in Puerto Rico. To this day, weeks after the storm, more than 80 percent of the island’s electric grid is completely down, and it is estimated that it won’t be fully functioning before next  summer. In addition, half the hospitals on the island have no electricity, which means they can’t treat people. At one point, several days after the storm, every single ICU patient on the island died. EVERY SINGLE ONE. And even now, the USNS Comfort is anchored off the island, but they have almost no patients because it is not possible to get them there.

Even now, more than one-quarter of Puerto Rico residents have no access to potable water. About 72 percent of residents are under an order to boil or otherwise disinfect the water they do have. That means virtually everyone on the island falls into one of those two categories. There are reports that many residents are so desperate, they’re pulling water out of Superfund sites. The problem is likely to get worse, since 40 percent of all sewage treatment facilities are offline and not working.

I know Donny loves to brag about the “low” death toll, which is currently 48, but everyone with a pulse knows this number will go far higher. Right now, communications are down on almost the entire island and it’s not possible for communities to update their statistics.

All of this is an absolute failure on the part of the Trump Administration. Within 24-72 hours after the storm, he should have waived the Jones Act and sent an “armada” of ships over there with supplies, including food, water, and generators. Any other president would have flooded (pardon the expression) the entire island full of fellow Americans with food, food water, generators and human beings to help them open up the roads and bring everyone at least a measure of hope. Instead, weeks later, we have a “president” who still refuses to do anything about it and instead whines about anyone who criticizes his lack of action. People are suffering over there and Trump and the Republicans who continue to allow this asshole to play “president” ahould be ashamed of themselves.

The Forgotten Troops

Two weeks ago, four U.S. Special Forces Soldiers were killed in active duty in Niger in battles against ISIL, which is supposedly our most potentially lethal enemy. . Despite following the GOP line that says “the troops” are practically sacred and should be honored for what they do, the so-called Republican “president” has yet to even acknowledge their sacrifice. The soldiers killed were:

  • Staff Sergeant Dustin Wright, who comes from a family with an Army background that goes back almost 200 years and who was buried in Georgia last Saturday;
  • Staff Sergeant Jeremiah Johnson, who eaves behind a wife and two beautiful daughters;
  • Medical Staff Sergeant Brian Black, who will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery on October 30, and;
  • Sergeant LaDavid Johnson, the youngest of the four and a husband and father of two who even had his wife’s name tattooed on his chest.

These four soldiers served their nation admirably, and their families deserve acknowledgement for their sacrifice, as well. There is absolutely no excuse for being ignored by the so-called “commander-in-chief.” And yet, in just about two weeks (13 days as I write this), there has been no public acknowledgement from Trump as to their sacrifice. He has not called any of the families to offer condolences. Finally, yesterday, he was shamed into admitting that failure, but his response was to claim he was writing a really nice letter, which could have been drafted in an hour or two and sent by Pony Express faster than this. Mike Pence could have walked to the families and hand-delivered it by now.

While Trump has had time to threaten the livelihoods of media reporters and NFL players, and he has been able to golf twice since their deaths, apparently, honoring the sacrifice of soldiers and their families, or even acknowledging them and offering condolences to their survivors, is simply way too difficult for Trump.

He even saw fit to lie about it yesterday, when he was confronted about it by a reporter (finally), and he claimed that all other presidents didn’t write or call the families of soldiers who died. This is a lie. Obama did it, even when it was difficult and even George W. Bush, who was heretofore the worst president in history, at least attempted to comfort families who have made the ultimate sacrifice. There is one story, told by a Gold Star family, where Bush allowed the wife of a deceased soldier yell at him and then went to her and hugged her.

That officially makes Donald J. Trump the worst person to ever occupy the White House. Not the worse “president,” but the worst person.

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