Trump Family Treats the Treasury Like Their Own Personal Honeypot

As you have probably heard by now, Trump’s beloved “military parade,” which was, of course, not intended to honor the military, but to have the military honor him, is now history. The reason is simple; it will cost too much. Because the DC Mayor and City Council said it would cost about $90 million, Donny decided it was a bridge too far. So did the Pentagon, who “postponed” the project until next year, so they could explore alternatives. That was when Donny just canceled it. He seems to know he won’t be around in a year.

This cancellation of an act that is purely for self-gratification is wholly ironic, precisely because it happened because of money. This could very well be the first time in 19 months Trump stopped doing something because of taxpayers’ money. It’s likely he discussed it with a GOP Congresscritter or two, and they told him no, since they will get blamed for spending the money and it would have to be appropriated just before the election.

Truth is, Lord Donny has been using our Treasury as his own personal bank account for 19 months now. Consider: Trump has not only failed to place his company into a blind trust since he took office, he also hired his oldest son and oldest daughter, who are both officers in the Trump Organization, as two of his advisors. Since Day One of his occupation of the White House, all three have been conducting business on behalf of the Trump Organization, including using taxpayers’ money to fly all over the world to cut “deals,” sometimes under the guise of “official business.” (Source) (Source)

There are also the massive number of emoluments clause violations that happen daily. For example, The Trump Organization takes in $175 million annually from foreign tenants in his buildings. One of those tenants is the state-owned Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. While this doesn’t exactly take money from the taxpayers, it should make us wonder when he does a $500 million deal with China to lend him money to build a resort in Indonesia. The conflicts boggle the mind, and they call into question everything he says and does regarding China, like the time he promised to help them save mobile phone manufacturer ZTE from going under. And since China, the largest market in the world, has thus far granted at least 60 trademarks so far, every dollar he spends on anything having to do with China should be examined with a large block of salt. (Source)

There is more to the story, of course. As foreign governments have figured out that currying favor with Trump can bring great riches, they have been granting him land and other valuables designed to enrich Trump and his company. And while the problem we know about is bad, it could actually be much worse than many estimate. So far, more than 70 percent of Trump properties that have been purchased since he became “president” were acquired by limited liability companies, which is a way to buy a property in a way that doesn’t reveal the name(s) of the actual owner(s). (Source)

All of that is just the tip of the iceberg, of course. A large chunk of taxpayer money has been spent on Trump’s constant trips to his own properties. According to some evidence, those golf trips alone have cost the Treasury as much as $74 million. (Source: ), although there is no way to know for sure. And while a large chunk of that money goes to fueling up Air Force One and flying it to and from his resort, as much as $40 million of that goes to the Trump Organization, in the form of rooms, meals, greens fees and the like. Can you imagine if Obama or Clinton had spent more than one-fifth of their presidencies on vacation at friends’ properties, let alone their own properties and pocketing the money? No, I can’t imaging that, either.

However, there is more. According to a report released by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) back in January, during Trump’s first year, more than 100 executive branch officials and members of Congress spent money at one of Donny’s resorts. In addition, more than 40 special interest groups held events at one of his properties held events there. This means at least 100 taxpayer-paid officials put money into Trump’s pocket and now Trump is beholden to at least 40 special interest groups because they, too, put money in his pocket. During his first year in office, political groups spent more than $1.2 million at Trump properties, when such groups had never spent more than $100,000 previously.

In another clear violation of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, at least 11 foreign governments spent large amounts of money holding events at Trump properties, including the Kuwaiti Embassy, which held a National Day celebration at Trump’s Washington, DC hotel, for which Trump is both lessee and landlord. Regarding Trump’s DC hotel, one diplomat was quoted saying, “Why wouldn’t I stay at his hotel blocks from the White House, so I can tell the new president, ‘I love your new hotel!’ Isn’t it rude to come to his city and say, ‘I am staying at your competitor?'” (Source)

Hence the need for enforcement of the Emoluments Clause. Yet, the GOP-led Congress hasn’t uttered a word about this nonsense. We have a “president” who is using the office for personal gain and barely a word is said about it by anyone official. That’s a problem that must be fixed. We used to care about corruption like this; what happened?

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