Trump Republican of the Day: Former Cop Steals Yard Signs

Election 2016

You can’t make this shit up.

In Tennessee, a Republican state lawmaker, Rep. Curry Todd of Collierville, has been charged with stealing an opponent’s yard signs a month before the primary election that was held back on August 4. He lost his primary, anyway and, instead of running as an incumbent on November 8, he will instead stand trial on October 11 on the charges, which is a misdemeanor. Todd, a former police officer, was thrown in jail just a few days before the primary. To make matters worse, he was bailed out of jail by the Republican challenger whose signs he stole, Mark Lovell, who ended up winning the nomination.

To give you an idea just how those “family values Republicans work, Todd was only one of two Republican incumbents who lost their primaries on August 4, by the way. The other was Republican Rep. Jeremy Durham, who decided to suspend his campaign  after the Tennessee Attorney General issued a report containing allegations that Durham had had “improper sexual interactions” with 22 women.

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