Trump Republican of the Day: Governor Scott Walker

Crap Cutting 101

I see Scott Walker Tweeting all sorts of negative anti-Hillary BS for public consumption, but it seems that many of Walker’s public appearances are, well, a lot less than “public.” Last month, Rep. Dana Wachs, who is considering a run for governor in 2018, Tweeted the following:

According to a new piece from PolitiFact, the above statement was rated true. While Walker calls them “listening sessions,” the fact is, he doesn’t allow very many people to listen. In fact, they are not open to the public or the press and the Walker Administration tightly controls who attends. They claim they do this for security purposes and to limit disruption, but that’s ridiculous. If Walker was such a great governor, then why would he be so worried about appearing in public?

As a point of comparison, PolitiFact notes that Former and future Senator Russ Feingold used to hold “listening sessions” throughout  Wisconsin and they were open to the public, even during the debates over Obamacare. But check out how Walker’s cowardice is explained in his statement as to why they’re not public:

Before every listening session, we’re in contact with area state legislators, no matter what party they represent, as well as community leaders to help us reach out and invite a good cross-section of people with different experiences and opinions. We also focus on ensuring those from a particular community are the primary attendees.

Advance notice of participation is intended to ensure that there are no threatening criminal backgrounds and to avoid people whose intent is to be disruptive.

While listening sessions are closed to members of the press to encourage an honest and candid conversation between attendees, local members of the media are given the opportunity to sit down for one-on-one interviews following the listening session in the interest of transparency.

Why not just admit that you’re not able to handle dealing with people who disagree with you or who want to hold you accountable for your decision-making, Walker? This is a common thread running through the GOP; they talk a “tough” game, but they’re abject cowards.

Crap Cutting 101
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Crap Cutting 101
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Crap Cutting 101
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