Trump Whines Again; This Time, We Should Listen

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You know, for a guy who is always on about what a big man he is and how tough he will be on everyone we’re supposed to be afraid of, according to the Republican Party, Donald Trump sure does whine a lot. And when I say he whines, I am not being hyperbolic. I thought Bush, Junior whined a lot, but he looks like a true mensch compared to Donald John Drumpf. And given that whiner Bush led us into two wars he had no plan of winning, two recessions, massive deficit spending he didn’t think was a problem, the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history, torturing people he didn’t like, a domestic spying operation that really did collect a lot of information from average Americans and two recessions, not to mention the outing of a CIA agent because her husband opposed him. I mean, good lord, people, Bush took cronyism to heights that I never imagined were repeatable by anyone. But…

Can you imagine what we can look forward to under a President Trump?

This guy is easily the biggest whiner in the history of American electoral politics. Good lord, he makes Richard Nixon seem sane. He also makes it crystal clear that he doesn’t really want to be president. All he wanted to do was to win. He fully intends to be a part-time president to a far greater degree than Bush and he intends to stick the taxpayers with the bill for all of his excesses. He has all but promised to be the most corrupt person to ever occupy the White House. His son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is essentially running his transition team. And he is recommending who should “serve” in the Trump regime. Unfortunately for the American people, little Jared is as big a douchebag as his father-in-law, if not worse. This is an asshole who actually admires Chris Christie’s “Bridgegate” scandal as “badass.” You know, because he’s a man of the people who doesn’t have to actually drive into Manhattan because he has ready access to a helicopter when he needs to get to work.

However, there is one Donald Trump whine that we should listen to.

img_1813  img_1814

See? Our president-elect is very concerned about the election outcome. While we are concerned that Russians hacked the election and handed it to Trump, Trump is also worried that a lot of votes went to Hillary that should have gone to him.

I say we treat all of the complaints about vote counts seriously, no matter where they come from. If the Russians hacked into several states, we should know. And if thousands of people voted illegally, we should know that, too. It’s time we audited the entire election. Make sure we know the actual vote counts in every state and verify them before the electors make the election final. Let’s do this now. The President-gak-elect is rarely correct, but let’s take him seriously this time. It may be the last time, but…

Agree, Milt.
A favor please?
The tweets show unreadably way too small. Would it be possible to show them large enough to read?

Yes! This election certainly should be audited. Trump certainly loves to project how he operates on to others.

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