Trump’s Acquittal Cannot Mean Exoneration

This coming Wednesday, we will get the verdict on Trump’s trial. Unfortunately, we all know how the vote will go. Unless they have been punking us for the past year or two, the result will be an acquittal for Donny.

That said, no matter what happens, his acquittal by the dishonest and unfair Republican Senate cannot be seen as any sort of exoneration by anyone but the worst of the Trump Cultists. I’ve already had a couple of them respond to my proclamation that an acquittal is not the same as an exoneration by being bombarded by Trumpers with, “That’s exactly what that means!” My response to them was, “so you think Bill Clinton was innocent now, do you?” And you can guess the response to that.

Let’s not make the mistake of not continuing to slam Donald Trump for his massive corruption and make sure it sticks to every Republican in the House or the Senate who has allowed Trump to be as corrupt as he wants and to do so with impunity. There is nothing legitimate about the current incarnation of the Republican Party and we cannot allow them or him to continue on unscathed. On Wednesday, when he undoubtedly Tweets how wonderful he is and how horrible the “Do-Nothing Democrats” were for trying to “enact a coup,” the entire American electorate should rise up and let him know that the acquittal means nothing. We still have to flush that turn on November Third,” and every other GOP turd should be flushed along with him. It’s time we let him know that a majority of the American people know how corrupt he is and we will no longer allow it to happen.

And while there is no doubt a lot of Trump Cultists will insist that the acquittal exonerates Donny and his family, respond to them by letting them know it doesn’t. We still need to get rid of him, if for no other reason than we need to be able to go through the day without wondering if our democracy can survive his excesses. Even if we defeat Trump’s reelection, we still have a lot of reform to enact over the next few years, and that includes repairing relations with our best and most useful allies. We also must hand the Senate over to the Democratic Party, so we can reform Senate rules and also start to reverse the disgusting packing of right wing judges on the federal courts thew GOP has been engaged in for far too long.

Trump will probably be acquitted, but he is in no way innocent. Those of us who actually pay attention to what’s going on, and who are not enthralled by hearing what we want to hear on Fox News and the rest of the wing nut media, like Breitbart and worse, know the kinds of crooked shit Trump has been doing for three years so far, and we cannot allow any of it to stand. We need to lead the world in the adoption of replacements for fossil fuels and we have to take a realistic approach to those who have traditionally depended on fossil fuels fro their livelihoods.We’re running out of oil, gas and coal, and they will never return to the extent that Trump promised.

We have to make clear to everyone who supports Trump that he simply lied to them. That’s no an insult to them, it’s telling them the truth and allowing them to decide how to deal with the facts.

We have to get tough and make sure that Trump and his cultists know that a trial without witnesses or evidence is not a trial and that an acquittal on a non-trial settles nothing. We’re the last hope for justice in the system that has been compromised and trampled by Republicans, and we cannot accept that as a result. If the GOP is going to protect him from justice, we have to enact justice on our own. That means we have to be as anti-Republican as we have to be come November. If we fail. We may be dooming our national experiment to failure and none of us who love the United States wants to do that, do we?

We, the people who are not current Republican faithful, have to do the right thing, once and for all, for the benefit of our kids and all future generations. This is not how this is supposed to go…

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