Trump’s Asylum Law is Stupid and Cruel – And That’s the Point

It is clear that Donald Trump lacks the maturity and the understanding of his job to be able to do it properly. His image of the presidency has nothing to do with public service. Instead, he envisions himself as America’s CEO, which is why he thinks he can do anything he wants and get away with it. He fancies himself to be a phenomenal CEO, even though he has only run his own, very privately-held company, which means his “Trump Organization” had no stockholders outside of the family and was rarely scrutinized by any government agencies in the years he ran it (into the ground).

Contrary to his legend, Donald Trump was never a very good business leader. He cares less about making money with business than he does about making sure he can borrow the money he needs to get through the immediate future. And that explains a lot. It explains why he rejects the consequences of the massive deficits he and his adopted political party agreed to when they passed the worst and least necessary tax cut bill in US history a couple years ago.

Consider Trump’s affinity for “executive orders.” He believes that every time he issues an EO, everyone in government is to do what happened when he made a dictum for his minions at the Trump Administration. He seems to think everyone “beneath him” in government (and make no mistake, that’s everyone; he can’t even conceive of “co-equal branches of government) is supposed to stop everything and follow his order.

Consider his latest nonsense on immigration, in which he has written an asinine new law that essentially eliminates the concept of asylum from our laws and turns our immigration system into something cruel and unwelcoming. This is the immaturity of this 73-year-old toddler; he thinks there are too many people here “illegally,” so his solution is to make everyone who comes here on foot an “illegal alien” and to treat them all like shit, so no one else will want to come here.

Under the new law, written by the Trump Department of Homeland Security and the Trump-Barr Department of Justice, an applicant for asylum must be able to prove they applied for asylum in another country before they arrived here and were turned down to be eligible for asylum here. In other words, if an asylum-seeker leaves their country because they fear for their life and the life of their families, they don’t get to come into our little country club; they have to stop in the first country they go into and get turned down before they deign to enter our very special country.

In other words, Trump and his minions want to turn the United States into the Mar-a-Lago of countries, in which you have to earn entry for the privilege of living with us. You know, since we’re so special.

This goes against everything this country has ever stood for, which is not surprising, since everything Trump stands for goes against the American ideal. Worse, he is trying to change the law drastically by doing an end-around and avoiding Congress, which, again, he sees himself as being above, anyway. The ACLU has already pounced on this law to challenge it and rightly compares the new asylum laws that essentially eliminates asylum with the Muslim travel ban.

First of all, asylum is a right. Around the world, asylum is an acknowledged human right; the right to seek safety for yourself and your loved ones. If out government falls and becomes Gilead, women will have every right, under international law, to seek asylum in Canada. That’s how things are supposed to be. Instead, Donald Trump has decided it’s better for him, politically speaking, to create a catastrophe on the Southern border and to create fear in his small bloc of “base” voters that the United States will lose its status as a “white country” soon and all the jobs will go to immigrants when that happens. Trump’s “stay in Mexico” policy promises to deepen the crises at the border because Trump is throwing everyone in jail for even deigning to come here. Many are already staying in these concentration camps for months, as they wait for a hearing to even apply for asylum. And let’s face it; Mexico’s asylum system leaves a lot to be desired. While they have gotten better in recent years, the country isn’t as rich as ours, so they don’t have the necessary infrastructure and resources to handle such a large humanitarian crisis. Just last week, the Mexican Secretary of Foreign Relations advised U.S. officials that their country is not in a position to stand as a Safe Third Country for refugees and asylum seekers looking for protected status in the US.

In short, because Donald Trump doesn’t understand his job as “president,” his regime (it’s not an administration) is trying to unilaterally trying to negate the effects of statutes that have been in place for as much as a century and international treaty obligations through the use of ‘executive orders,’ which is what dictators do.

Hopefully, this law will be challenged in court immediately and will never actually take effect. However, we also know Trump does all he can to get around the law when he sees said law as inconvenient to his aims, whatever they happen to be on a given day. This is not a guy who plans things out; everything he does is by the seat of his pants. And these asylum “reforms” are no different.

Put simply, Vladimir Putin is trying to sow chaos in the world’s democracies, and he chose to support and cheat for Trump in 2016 because trump thrives on chaos. Trump’s approach to everything lacks any sort of order; he thinks something should happen in a given moment and he acts on that; it’s really that simple.

Look at some of his other racist actions in the past week or two, and you can see his tendency to fly by the seat of his pants in action. He tried like hell to buck the Supreme Court and include the citizenship question with the census, in violation of a SCOTUS order nixing it. Then, last Sunday, he posted a disgusting series of Tweets in which he told four of the freshman women in the House to “go back” to where they came from if they don’t like the way he runs government. He thrives on chaos and discord, and he sows some wherever he goes.

People come here for asylum because of our reputation as a country that treats those who are downtrodden with dignity and respect. Trump’s approach is much like the country club owner who bans Blacks and Jews to “keep the riff riff out.” If Donald Trump could get away with calling this “The Trump States of America,” and charge $200,000 per year to become a member/citizen, you know he’d do it. But he can’t, so he does every clumsy thing he can think of to discourage brown and black people from coming here.

Trump doesn’t care about “Making America Great Again.” He is only trying to appeal to the smallish group of people who already voted for him and think he’s swell. That’s why he’s trying s hard to “Make America White Again.”

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