Trump’s Only “Strategy”…

It should be obvious by now. I’ve said it a million times and the results of Trump policy should make it obvious…

Trump’s only concern while in office is in winning election, and he believes in only appealing to what the Republican Party refers to as their “base,” and the only thing the GOP “base” cares about it “owning liberals.” They and Trump are not interested in policy or even racism and xenophobia, such as they are interested in making us “liberals” mad. There is nothing that pleases these people more than when we liberals get upset at them, or Trump, or any of the other denizens of the far right.

Practically buried in an article about how Trump speaks like a populist but acts like a corporatist (a silly article because it implies some sort of planning, when it is crystal clear that Trump plans nothing and does everything when a thought flies into his cavernous head), none other than Newt Gingrich explained Trump’s strategy, such as it is: (Source)

    The president’s allies say that his talent is in scorching the opposition, and he is unlikely to deviate much from that task.

    “I think he doesn’t mind if it happens, but it’s not his primary focus,” Newt Gingrich, the former House speaker, said of racking up policy accomplishments. “His primary focus is to so thoroughly define Democrats as the party of the radical left. I think that matters much more to him than any particular bill.”

Like I said, Donny is openly trying to appeal to a small group of right wingers who are obsessed with “liberals” and who like nothing more than making us scream at them. There is no logic to their thinking, they simply want to be the opposite of “liberals.” These idiots blame “the liberals” for everything “bad” that has ever happened in the history of the United States, despite the fact that liberals haven’t been in charge in more than a half-century.

It’s completely illogical and stupid, sure, but these are, after all, people with no common sense and so little awareness of facts and truth that they believe anything Breitbart and Fox News tell them, even if it goes against everything they see with their own eyes. Trump adopted populist language in the last election because he was told too. Keep in mind, this is still a political neophyte, who clearly has no idea how to do his job – or even what his jb entails – and he lacks the intellectual curiosity to learn. All he knows about politics is what the average middle schooler knows, and that is to do the same thing he did last time, and he will “win” again.

T bad for Trump, but the electorate has moved quite a bit to the left in the last three years. Also, if 2018 is any indication, more voters are likely to turn out and vote, if only as a reaction to his “presidency” and the abject anti-American tone. Keep in mind; in 2018, turnout was more than 12 points higher than “normal” for a mid-term in the Neo-con era, and if that holds for 2020, the entire GOP is doomed to the ash heap of history.

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