Truth Matters: Pre-DNC Crap Cuts

I have been bombarded with so much crap the last few days, I have no choice but to cut it. We face the most perilous election in American history. If George W. Bush was running for a third term, even that would be less perilous than the specter of Donald Trump as Commander-in-Chief and leader of the free world. If everyone on the progressive side of the aisle can’t get it together this year, we are worthless. But to get there, someone needs to tell the truth. Here are a few truths you need to get through some of your thick skulls.

Bernie Sanders was never going to get the Democratic nomination. He still won’t. 

I cannot believe I have to continue to say this. Bernie Sanders was never even close to the Democratic nomination. I know the Bernie Stans feel like they were entitled, for some stupid reason, but it was never going to happen. But it was NOT because everyone at the DNC was plotting against him. (More on that later!) Hillary Clinton barely lost last time because she is very popular. I know, you have been told by everyone in the media that no one likes her, but that’s obviously not true, given that she won two Senate races and was lauded as the most popular Secretary of State in history when she held that position for four years. But there is another measure that too few so-called “political junkies” never think about.

No one else ran against her.

I know this will come as a shock, but the Democratic Party does not decide who runs for president. They don’t really decide who runs for much of anything. Pretty much anyone who wants to can run for office as a Democrat. In more than 20 states, they can’t register by party, so in many states you can be a Republican and run as a Deomocrat. It should be obvious, given that Bernie ran as a Democrat and he’s never been a registered Democrat. He’s never been a registered anything, since you don’t declare a party when you register in Vermont. But here’s the thing; no one besides Bernie actually put in a serious run for president. Martin O’Malley ran because he could; he was never delusional enough to think he’d beat her. And yeah, Jim Webb and Lincoln Chaffee, both ran, in the hopes of catching those who think Hillary and Bernie are “too liberal.” That obviously wasn’t going to happen.

For Bernie, the race wasn’t even close, really. Well, not never; after New Hampshire. Everyone kind of knew he would win New Hampshire because that and Vermont are practically twins; socially liberal and fiscally “conservative.” They know Bernie, they don’t like Hillary and Hillary only put in a modest effort to change their minds. Bernie won that, and he tied in Iowa, but after that, the race was over. The race was essentially over on Super Tuesday, when she rolled over him throughout the South. By March 15, he was all but mathematically eliminated. When you’re halfway through the 57 primaries and your 300 delegates in deficit, the odds of you winning are very long.

Hillary Clinton won the most votes, BY FAR. She won almost all primaries; most of the “22 states” Sanders won were caucus states, which should bother people who claim to be in favor of democracy. She won far more pledged delegates than Sanders. Though the Bernie Stans want to kill the super delegate concept, super delegates did not decide this nomination.

The media is in the business of click bait, folks. They have a vested interest in making elections seem closer because people are more likely to click on articles when a race seems closer than it is. Bernie lost and he will not be nominated. Sorry.

No, the DNC Did Not Swing the Nomination to Hillary

I’m doing a separate article on Wikileaks nonsense, but ever since those emails came out, too many people are getting crazy over the possibility that the DNC somehow favored Hillary over Bernie. Now, I’m not going to excuse the content of the emails, such as it is, but here’s a stone cold fact that everyone needs to understand.

The Democratic National Committee has little to nothing to do with the presidential primary process. They have a hand in making the rules, but that’s about it. The individual state parties have a little influence, but the national DNC has none. Zero. Nada. The national DNC is made up of committees from all 50 states and the national board coordinates activities. They raise funds, they commission (national) polls and they coordinate between the various primary campaigns to schedule joint events, like debates and the like. They don’t even coordinate expenditures with presidential candidates until after the convention. The Chair of the DNC is elected by the 200+ members of the committee, which are apportioned from all 50 states, based on the Democratic populations of each one. They are chairs or vice-chairs of their local committees and they are elected by the members who show up at these meetings.

Put simply, it really doesn’t matter who the DNC prefers. No one goes to the polls and says, “Hey, I think I’m going to vote for whomever the DNC tells me to. They also have no influence when it comes to choosing pledged delegates and absolutely none when it comes to super delegates. If Debbie Wasserman Schultz wanted Hillary Clinton to win, she had absolutely no power to make that happen.

There are also two examples that show just how powerful the DNC and RNC are. This year, the RNC had no power to stop Donald Trump from being nominated. In 2008, even though the DNC wanted Hillary Clinton to win, they had no power to stop Barack Obama because the VOTERS decide who wins. In 2008, there were all kinds of reasons to not nominate Obama. No black man had ever been elected before, and a lot of people, including liberals, thought a lot of people who told pollsters they were going to vote for Obama would not actually do so when they got into the polling place. But Democratic voters would not be denied.

Put simply, if voters wanted Bernie to be the Democratic nomineee, he would be the nominee and there is nothing the DNC could have done to stop it.

Like I said, I’m working on a piece about Wikileaks and Snowden, so expect the crap cutting to continue… it’s what we do.

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  1. Thank you for being a voice of reason and sanity, Milt. It’s so upsetting and disgusting that people who are supposed to be our allies act like petulant right wingers. I wish Bernie had told his most die hard supporters to behave, but it might be too late. I like Bernie Sanders and his ideals, but he did little to keep his fans to behave well.