Tucker! Man’s Man! Spirit Fingers! Jazz Hands!

From the
July 17 edition
of MSNBC’s Tucker (from Media Matters):Tucker3

CARLSON: Speaking of
made up, Mitt Romney — 300 dollars for a make up company called Hidden Beauty.
I would mock him, but I wear makeup for a living, so that would be hypocritical,
so I’m not going to.

Can we please stop this bullshit with the double standards?

I mean, what is it with this idiot, anyway? He’s always referring to Obama with terms like "wuss," and he’s always insinuating crap about Edwards because of his $400 haircut. Could we, at some point, actually discuss the issues?

And may I say, I don’t think it’s all that credible for Tucker Carlson to be commenting onTucker2_2
another’s manhood.

Look at these pictures, will you? This guy doesn’t exactly strike you as someone who could play linebacker for the Broncos, you know?

And Tucker; you not only wear make up for a living, you also get your hair cut and groomed, and probably at a cost at least comparable to the $400 Edwards paid.

Just cut the crap, and start talking about politics if you’re going to pass yourself off as a pundit, will you?

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