Two Weeks to Go: Get Excited, Not Complacent

Look, this is an exciting time to be alive, in a way. It’s one of the worst years I can remember, but dammit, in just two weeks, we can end the year with a huge win. We can save democracy and get rid of Trump at the same time we begin the death knell of the current version of the Republican Party.

As of right now, all signs point to a huge loss by incumbent “president” Donald J. Trump. We would be hard pressed to find a poll that didn’t favor Biden, and it’s clear that even Trump knows he will probably lose. Look at the way he has been attacking Biden; a narcissist will only attack his opponent to that degree if he thought that opponent was winning. He is unhinged right now, which is not something a person who was confident of winning would ever be.

In other words, I feel confident, given the signs, that we will get rid of Donald Trump and the GOP Senate majority in two weeks. However, I have to admit a lot of nervousness; enough that, even though I think he’ll lose and we’ll save the democracy, we can’t afford to take anything for granted. All things being equal, we should be preparing for Hillary Clinton’s second term right now, and that means we can’t possibly rest until the deed is done.

After all, we never should have had to deal with George W. Bush for one term, and yet, we had him for two. Two terms of Trump and two terms of Trump should spell the end of the republic, without exaggeration. There is far too much eat stake in this election to ever become complacent, even if November 2 comes along and Biden is ahead by 20 million votes.

Keep in mind, while the likelihood of Trump losing should make us happy, it will also piss off the cultists, to the point that they will be more likely to vote, tp counteract the effect of all of us liberals voting, and the cheating will be off the hook, in any case. The signs we see of Trump being ousted after four long years can’t deter us from our quest. We have to do more than just win; we have to win by a landslide, AND we have to establish a habit of voting in every election, even if there are no “progressives” running. If more than 60% of registered voters showed up every election, we could miss ever having to deal with a modern Republican ever again, which is a good thing.

Therefore, no matter how much it looks like Biden is a shoo-in and how much it looks like Democrats will take over Congress, we can’t get complacent. We have to vote as if we’re going to lose, and we have to see this as a beginning. We may have to deal with a one-party system for a little while, and that’s okay; a new party will rise up in opposition, and it will be more pro-American than the current GOP.

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