Unicorn Progressives and “Principle.”

I know many “political junkies” are too busy panicking to think about it, but do you have any idea why so many mainstream Republicans are putting aside their hatred of Donald Trump to vote for him anyway? Do you know why they will hold their nose and vote Republican, no matter what kind of reprobate is running under their Party’s banner?

It’s called “principle.”

Yes, I know, unicorn progressives. You think it’s “principle” that won’t allow you to vote for Hillary Clinton. You believe all kinds of horrible stories you have read about Hillary and you have decided that your “principle” won’t allow you to vote for her.

That is decidedly NOT “principled.” Let me explain.

There is a lot at stake with this year’s election. Start with the Supreme Court. Merrick Garland has not been confirmed, so that, when the Supreme Court goes back into session next week, there will be a 4-4 tie. While that prevents a lot of right wing decisions, it also prevents a lot of moderate and liberal decisions. We have been suffering through a 5-4 right wing Supreme Court for years, so we have a choice; we can either elect Hillary Clinton and make a 5-4 moderate court or we can elect Donald Trump and allow homophobic, misogynist bigot Mike Pence, who is likely to have as much power in a Trump Administration as Dick Cheney had in the Bush Administration, to make Supreme Court nominations. If Trump wins, there is no chance in hell that Garland will be approved. If Hillary wins and the GOP keeps control of the Senate, there is no chance that Garland will be approved. Not only that, but it is extremely unlikely that Ruth Bader Ginsburg will make it through four more years and it’s a good bet that Anthony Kennedy will retire. There is also a lot of talk that Clarence Thomas is considering retiring at age 70, which is only two years away.

That means the next president could make as many as four Supreme Court nominations. Those “stupid” right wingers understand this, which is why so many of them are holding their noses and voting for Trump. They know how important SCOTUS is and they are willing to chance that Trump can be stopped from doing much of his worst so that they can affect policy for a generation to come. They are so excited at the prospect of “packing” the Court with 3-4 Scalia clones in their 40s, their PRINCIPLE allows them to hold their nose.

Now, you unicorn progressives can scoff at them and call them all the names you want, but the fact of the matter is, they believe in their “principles” so much that they can look past the short term and play the long game. On the other hand, how “principled” is a so-called “progressive” who not only refuses to vote for a great candidate like Hillary Clinton, but who trashes her every chance they get, so as to make it more likely to make people want to stay home?

I was listening to a prominent professional lefty on the radio last night, and he told me that “…progressives just can’t get excited about Hillary.” No shit. That is an exact quote. And he gave that as a reason why the race is close.

Okay, forget the fact that it’s not Hillary Clinton’s job to give you a “happy ending” at the end of her campaign. Who gives a shit what you’re “excited” about? What would it take to be “excited,” anyway? We have the worst major party candidate in history at the top of the GOP ticket AND one of the most highly qualified presidential candidates in history on our side. This is an enormous opportunity to make Democrats dominant for a while. We also have the least effective Congress in history. We have an opportunity to take the entire federal government away from the Republicans once and for all. If that doesn’t “excite” you as a “progressive,” there is something seriously wrong with you.


  • We can elect the first woman president AND create a Congressional majority that will at least listen to us.
  • We can create a Supreme Court that WILL uphold a woman’s right to choose.
  • A non-right wing Supreme Court will probably reverse the notion that campaign donations are “free speech” and will overturn Citizens United.
  • With a Democratic Congress, we can work toward improving the ACA.
  • A Democratic Congress will do something about climate change.
  • A Democratic Congress will raise wages and create good jobs.

This election is not just about Hillary Clinton. If you think it is, that’s a function of your immense ego, which calls into question your “progressive” credentials. And let’s be frank; if you think your vote is about “exciting” you or it’s about the person who holds the office of the President, then you don’t have much in the way of smarts when it comes to how the government works. If you call yourself “progressives” and you have any “principles” to speak of, you should be so in favor of Hillary as to sing her praises every chance you get.

This election is about the rights of people for the next generation. It’s about people with health insurance. It’s about reversing low wages and jobs. It’s about rebooting the middle class. It’s about People of Color not getting shot by police. It’s about reforming the criminal justice system and mass incarceration. If you think your vote and your support is about whether or not YOU are personally “excited” by Hillary Clinton, you’re immature and stupid and you’re the opposite of “principled.” Ted Cruz actually more “principled” than you are because he’s put aside his own ego for what he perceives as “the good of the movement.” How’s that feel?

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