Unified Front? Why?

I’ve been traipsing all over Downtown Denver, and running in and out of the Bloggers’ tent, and there seems to be one major concern of nearly everyone;

How does the Democratic Party create a "unified front"?

Alright, let me toss my two cents into this conversation:

Screw a "unified front"!!

I don’t want the Democratic Party to become like the Republicans. The Republicans require all of their candidates to stay in perfect lockstep on all issues at all times, and that’s just ridiculous. Why would you want the Democratic Party to be like that? The Democrats have traditionally been the party of the Big Tent; we flourish when multiple views are represented. In fact, it’s only been since the DLC takeover, when those geniuses decided that hugging the middle only was the way to win elections.

If you look closely at Hillary Clinton’s campaign, that was her approach; every position she took was meant to appeal to a certain group or a certain demographic, to the exclusion of everyone else.

Barack Obama understand that the job of the nominee is to subsume all points of view into the party platform. He stakes out the middle on many issues, but he also considers the right and left when deciding which positions to take. No matter what position you take on any issue, he considers it.

There should never be a "uniified" Democratic Party. The Party is and always should be diverse; it’s how the party gets and remains strong. Unification is for pussies and Republicans; tolerance of all viewpoints is an absolute necessity.

Screw Unity; fight it out! It’s what makes Democrats strong!

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