Use Your Vote Wisely…

One of the worst aspects of having Donald Trump as “president” come with his and his cronies’ tendency to ignore reality in favor wishful thinking over actual facts. This should surprise no one, really; faith in bullshit is the stock-in-trade of the malignant narcissist. They have to be the “greatest ever” on everything, which means they will always choose stats they like over stats that reflect reality.

Case in point:

Yesterday, Trump made a public statement referring to coronavirus testing in a negative light. He actually said, “The downside of coronavirus testing is, if we stopped testing now, we’d have very few cases, if any.”

In other words, he is not interested in knowing how many cases actually exist, which is a key to stopping the spread of the virus. He is only concerned with the cases that are reported and which sully his record, such as it is. To Narcissist Trump, the higher numbers make him look bad, and that is really all he cares about. He is incapable of thinking of the current number of deaths, which is 115,644 as I write this, as actual people. To him, they are abstract numbers that make him look bad the higher they go. You’ll recall, early on in this pandemic, Donny was promising his cultists that the number of cases — which was 14 at the time — would soon be zero or close to it within a magical “couple of weeks.” There was no reason for this optimism, of course; Trump apparently believes he can “Make America Great Again” through sheer force of will. His cultists obviously believe it because they still support him in the wake of his dismal record, but no one else does, which is obvious if you look at his sinking poll numbers.

This is the thing that should make us smile a little; with less than 5 months to go before the election, Trump is still buttering up his base — the 20-25 million who will vote for Trump because he “owns the libs,” which is all they care about — and he apparently doesn’t realize they exist, considering how much he caters to them daily. Like I said before, Trump is a very stupid man and an even worse politician.

Note: though things are looking good for getting rid of Trump, we have to vote as if we were way behind. The only way t counter the cheating that is likely this time around, wee have to swamp the polls with voters. The reason we have George W. Bush at the beginning of this century and Trump the last 4 years is because too many people thought staying home and not voting, or voting for a third party with no chance of winning was an option, which is never the case. Assume Trump will win and extend his reign of error and we’ll have a better chance of winning in a landslide.

The tendency of Donald Trump to discard the truth and peddle bullshit should disqualify him as a politician of any kind, especially as president. It is that tendency that has made him the most dangerous. Someone tells him something that he believes and he hangs on to that for dear life, while simultaneously discarding any truthful information that might prove him wrong.

I know many people voted for Trump in 2016 because they didn’t like Hillary, but we can’t do that anymore. Those of you who still think it doesn’t matter who the president is, you aren’t any smarter than Lord Donny. If you want the government to do great things — and let’s face it; all liberals and progressives do — it is very important to remember that a government full of incompetents can’t do anything isn’t going to put forth policies that help anyone. Use the Trump term as a reference point; while we will never get perfection in government, we don’t have to elect idiots to represent us in government, either. And when you stay home and/or vote third party/independent, you are helping to elect idiots.

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