Waiting For A Raise

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Crap Cutting 101
The Press Conference That Should Spell Donny’s Doom

If you watched any of Trump’s press conference yesterday, you learned two things. You learned why his people don’t normally allow him to hold press conferences – he really sucks at it – and you also learned that Donald J. Trump is within a hair’s breadth of just plain quitting. …

Civil Rights
Why Trump Waited So Long and Still Blew It

All weekend, Lord Donny barely Tweeted. He claimed to be in meetings all day, but we all know he was probably playing golf. We know this because he doesn’t attend many meetings and when it rains enough to wash out a golf game, he takes to Twitter to insult people, …

PCTC Network
Help Us Build A Truly Great Grassroots Liberal Network

I usually do this earlier in the summer, but better late than never. The short version is, we cannot do anything without your support. Unfortunately, everything costs money these days. The domains alone have cost me $100 this month and the hosting will cost upwards of $30-40 per month and …

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